“The movement, the Million Student March, is a movement for a more equitable and fair system of education as opposed to the really corporate model that we have right now,” said Keely Mullen, Million Student March Organizer, on Neil Cavuto’s show Thursday.

Their “three core demands,” (yes, demands) are simple: free public college, cancellation of student debt, and $15 an hour minimum wage for campus workers.

All was well and good until Mullen was asked the obvious — how exactly will those three demands be paid for?

[Blank stare]

“Great question. Uh, I mean, you know, so, I’m not sure if you’re talking on like a national level or at particular schools, I can sort of touch on both,” said Mullen.

And it actually got worse from there:

Cavuto: If you want all that stuff, someone has to pick up the tab, who would that be?

Mullen: Um, the 1% of people in society that are hoarding the wealth and really sort of causing a catastrophe that students are facing. I mean we have a relationship right now where 1% of the population owns more wealth than the 99% combined.

Cavuto: The 1% just had their taxes raised a few years ago to 40%, then to pay for the healthcare law they had them raised a few percentage points, then they had their deductions limited to raise another couple points, where depending on state and locality, they’re pushing over 50% in taxes. How much higher do you think, how much more do you think they should pay?

Mullen: Um, I think enough until we have a system where not 1 in 2 American families are threatened with poverty.

Cavuto: So where do they go? They’re smart folks, these people, these 1% hoarders, right. So if they leave here, then who’s gonna pay for all this stuff that you want?

Mullen: [awkward pause] If they leave… ?

Cavuto: The country.

Mullen: Oh! [smiles] I mean, there’s always gonna be a 1% in the U.S. The U.S. is like the bastion of capitalism and its success (irony, completely lost on her).

Cavuto: Do you think the 1% could pay for all of this?

Mullen: Absolutely! 85 people in the world hold more wealth than half of the global population.

Cavuto: Wait a minute. So are we talking about 85 billionaires or are you extending this to the 1% or whomever earn a little bit north of $250k? At what level, Keely, do you say you gotta start paying a helluva lot more than you’re paying in taxes?

Mullen: I mean, I think people earning, certainly people earning more than a million dollars a year should be contributing to the wellness of society.

A worthy cause for humane deportation I can wholly support:

Were it real, I’d be all:


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