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Race Relations Week at College Insurrection

Race Relations Week at College Insurrection

Your weekly report from the world of higher education.

Campus protests continued last week, despite the holiday. Brown is reacting this way.

Throwing money at the problem might not be enough.

Radicals have become emboldened.

Things are getting weird.

And it’s not just about black and white.

Where is all of this headed?

Be thankful for what you have.

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Featured image is a screen cap from Frontpage Mag.


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Professor “Whiteness is a disease”, I am white and I will not be your excuse for your sorry lives.

You voted for Obama. Live with your choices. I have to.

“Hope and Change” is the disease, a plague of darkness upon our nation that you brought upon us.

Lol, I have so many missing tiles its easier to see the ones that are there…

This is fantastic and I hope it continues. In fact, my wife and I find it so great that we can’t stop laughing. We grew up in the deep South in the 50’s. We saw all you pumped up, pretentious, condescending Yankees criticize us and find us repugnant due to race relations, now you are getting it and we are loving it. You see, it is not the color of a man’s skin that differentiates him from others, it is his culture. Blacks in the US have a different culture from most whites. I have lived among black people, taken care of them in the hospital, had to help in their social circumstances and know more about our black culture than the average white. I can assure you that their culture is disgusting. I recently listened to a lecture series on culture from a prominent east coast professor, a lefty. He indicated that you did not have to agree with or condone or even like other cultures. I agree, the black culture is backward, not progressive, spurns learning and advancement, has no problem with violence to women or anyone else for that matter. They are exceptionally racist and hate whites, no matter what they say. In the South, we have learned how to live with them, you have a long way to go. By the way, the BLM really needs to look at the Lincoln Memorial and remove it as Lincoln was the worst in terms of racial views.