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President Obama Accuses GOP of Helping ISIS by ‘Attacking’ Refugees

President Obama Accuses GOP of Helping ISIS by ‘Attacking’ Refugees

The facts tell a different story

I suppose this is one way to look at things, but it’s certainly not the slightest bit accurate.

Sunday, President Obama accused Republicans of helping ISIS (though he always uses ‘ISIL’) by attacking Syrian refugees. Unsurprisingly, not one Republican has attacked any Syrian refugee.

What Republicans have done is vocalize the same concerns articulated by U.S. intelligence agencies on the refugee vetting process. Namely, that because our intelligence ground game in Syria has been so weak, we have no data with which to vet an influx of refugee status seekers properly, at least not for the time being.

However, that little factoid didn’t stop President Obama from continuing his verbal assault on Republicans and a bevy of Democrats who’ve vowed to halt the president’s refugee plan.

Politico reported:

ISIL’s still not the varsity team, President Barack Obama said Sunday, but if Republicans running for president and in Congress continue to respond to attacks by playing off fears, they’re doing the terrorists’ work for them.

A Republican reaction that’s tried to block refugees from entering the country — and members of the media whom he blamed for lacking perspective in coverage over the past week — give in to fear as the terrorists want, help them recruit and let a group of people who’d have no hope of actually defeating American forces on the battlefield win anyway.

Upending American policy and talking about Christian-Muslim tests for entry that he said accept ISIL’s terms of a religious war will increase the threat of more attacks.

“Prejudice and discrimination helps ISIL and undermines our national security,” Obama said.

Mind you, speaking from Turkey following the Paris attacks for which ISIS has claimed credit, President Obama admitted he has no interest in, “pursuing some notion of American leadership or America winning.” But we’re supposed to believe it’s the Republicans undermining the freedom-fighting efforts.

As we noted last week, the President’s latest demagoguery is nothing more than another red herring to distract from his failures to combat ISIS and other radical Muslims players. Had this administration any semblance of a strategy to defeat ISIS or even the will or desire to win, this refugee “crisis” might not be a crisis at all.

Beyond the Obama administration’s foreign policy ineptitudes lies the fact that the refugee stampede also reflects ISIS’ failure to establish a true Caliphate. If ISIS or Daesh is perceived a failure because Syrians are fleeing en masse, how are Republicans “helping the terrorists,” as President Obama claims? (Spoiler: Republicans aren’t.)

Asian Image explored this angle last month.

Developed to reclaim the digital space from ISIS (known in the region as Daesh) and to challenge their lies, the latest issue of Haqiqah claims how the terrorist group is failing socially and economically.

Shaukat Warraich, Editor-in-Chief Chief of Haqiqah, said: “Daesh is failing on multiple fronts, it is becoming increasingly desperate.

“The mass exodus of refugees has exposed their false claim of having established a ‘Caliphate’ for Muslims in the region.”

Incensed by the images, which have travelled around the world, of civilians of all ages dying as they flee unspeakable horrors, British Imams are taking the lead to reach out to Muslims across the world to join them in raising their voices, to say we know Daesh is failing, we know that their claims are hollow and we reject them absolutely. Shaukat Warraich, added: “A global message needs to go out from every corner of the world rejecting Daesh. If you agree then spread the messages; share Haqiqah magazine; pass it on to your young people and join us in our declaration of Daesh’s failure.”

…“In its desperation at its own failings, it has told Syrians that they are committing a ‘major sin’ in Islam if they seek protection in the West. According to Daesh, this makes thousands refugees apostates. This is a wicked and inhumane lie.”

Facts have never prevented President Obama from politicizing even the most tragic of circumstances. It’s foolish to assume he’d behave any differently regarding the Syrian refugee crisis.

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The Friendly Grizzly | November 23, 2015 at 8:41 pm

He is becoming more Queeg-like by the day.

    Hey you would have to have some marbles left before you can roll em around in your hand, his was gone long ago

    I wonder if the White house staff is looking for the missing strawberries

    If you are going to bring in Refugees – shouldn’t you keep out the people they are running away from?

    It may be too late to the thread … but I think that NOT using their own nickname, petname, “Daesh” for ISIS is not a good thing.

    This is a more dangerous group than believed. And the danger lies in their understanding their timing in the Muslim and world culture and that they are getting the propaganda appeal just about exactly right. Like Hitler and Goebbels understood the Germans post WWI and also the Western mindset and exploited that dead on square, so to is ISIS doing to much of the Muslim youth worldwide and the disposed younger adults in the west.

    While beating them, killing those already bloodied and those who are there supporting the bloodied is very important, as well is removing like Sherman did to the plains Indians, their sustenances (oil, criminality, whatever else), the greatest battle is the one of the cultural mind.

    I used the word “propaganda”, while true for what ISIS is producing of that kind of material, the psychological/sociological appeal goes beyond that. This is a MORAL war. They present a cheap and simple morality — Warriors for Allah under Sharia — it is simple and ANY morality is lusted after by the young today in our modern world, as we have allowed a moral chaos that is brutal to the young soul.

    Can we return to the high standard morality of our Founding Era, or some modern learning-from-mistakes version of it. The second is better. Something like was had in Israel in the late 1960’s, early 1970’s, perhaps. Yet even that common sense of purpose and vitality is faltering in Israel, as basic human moral principles are compromised there too.

    To best what ISIS will become we will need to do so, and so will Israel.

    We cannot keep brutalizing the souls of the young with moral perversions, sexual confusions and common acceptance of debased business and financial ethics. To leave it so is to feed ISIS and what it will become the fodder of willing warriors and supporters they eat and eat eat.

“As we noted last week, the President’s latest demagoguery is nothing more than another red herring to distract from his failures to combat ISIS and other radical Muslims players.”

Wrong: It is more than that. It is the beginning of obama’s laying the groundwork for his claim that the Republicans are responsible for the upcoming terrorists attacks in the US, when those attacks happen.

Two things have become increasingly clear regarding the current occupant of the Oval Office:

1. He is an enemy of the United States

2. He is batsh*t insane

    The day is coming when a sitting senator or congressman is going to say what Rusty Bill just said. The sooner that day comes, the greater our chances of returning from the abyss the insane enemy of our nation calling himself ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ has steered it towards.

    On a more mundane level, telling it like it is will be a one giant “f.u.” to that spoiled, talentless brat as well as the brainless media players who wipe his ass whenever he or his fake wife craps themselves – which is often.

    Many of us McGivered that in 2008, Rusty.

    Obama is quite mad; a friend to our Islamic enemies and a fiend to everyone else.

    Now the Liberal Media is caught with their lying, Obama covering, panties down.

    Obama’s latest gambit of going on offense with a gun grabbing meme is naked BS but lofos are awake now and see it for what it is.

Join France and the Russian coalition and help the people confront the Islamic State. There doesn’t have to be a refugee crisis unless you really want it.

It’s not the Republicans who’ve helped the Daesh.

How many Christian Yazidi refugees did Obama fast track into the US last August? Where was his sense of urgency then?

“Sunday, President Obama accused Republicans of helping ISIS (though he always uses ‘ISIL’) by attacking Syrian refugees.”

He does always use ISIL and it is not a mistake or a curious turn of speech or an idiosyncrasy.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant–ISIL. ISIL claims territory as rightfully belonging to it.

The Levant includes Israel, in addition to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan.

In using ISIL, 0bama is saying ISIL’s proper, Allah given property, includes Israel. And he is sending that message of Muslim brotherhood solidarity.

    Milhouse in reply to Sam in Texas. | November 24, 2015 at 1:22 am

    No, he’s saying that that is the territory they claim. Which used to be true, but now they claim the whole world.

      betty in reply to Milhouse. | November 24, 2015 at 6:53 am

      I don’t remember every hearing what territory ISIS was claiming. Do you have some sort of link?

      The first person I heard using the name that threatens Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel was Obama, then John McCain and Dianne Feinstein.

    Actually I think it’s more of his passive-aggressive pseudo-intellectual bullshit that he always pulls.

    He’s decided that ISIL is the ‘right’ name for the organization.

    So every time somebody asks him about ISIS he intentionally responds using ‘ISIL’ and inwardly he’s stroking his narcissistic ego thinking, “Haha what a stupid hick he doesn’t even know the correct name. I’m so smart it would be rude to correct him so I’ll just use the ‘right’ name.”.

I really despise that jackass.

I am too busy creating climate change to help ISIS.

Now for something completely real…

Michael Flynn, President Obama’s former Defense Intelligence Agency director:

“On Obama characterizing ISIS as “‘killers with good social media,” Flynn was highly critical of his former boss. He told [Yahoo]: “I really think that he’s just confused as to what the type of enemy that we’re facing … he really, really has it wrong.” He continued: “The president needs to stop blaming others and really take a hard look at himself and those around him and decide whether or not we’re going to take this threat seriously.””

[Obama] “doesn’t want to use the term ‘radical Islamist.’” Flynn concluded: “He’s wrong on this.””

“As we noted last week, the President’s latest demagoguery is nothing more than another red herring to distract from his failures to combat ISIS and other radical Muslims players.”

Wrong! Russia’s Putin is slowing letting out Obama’s real activities concerning ISIS.

Remember he did it with global warming too. With out Putin, Obama and the globalists would have been taxing our farts by now.

“The mass exodus of refugees has exposed their false claim of having established a ‘Caliphate’ for Muslims in the region

So, this is a personal “win” for the President, as he shows Daesh that they are still the JV, but at the same time, this isn’t “pursuing some notion of American leadership or America winning.”

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize “…for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. The Committee has attached special importance to Obama’s vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons.” Iran and thus ISIS notwithstanding on that nuclear weapons part of course.

The whole Nobel press release reads like The Onion except it is not funny when people die and we are being invaded. The Democrats are on his side and the GOPe is AWOL.

Oblamo is our # 1 Terrorist, that we have in this country. His Shamong the American people as ” That’s not who we are,” How would he know ? He was in a Muslim school on Indonesia. He is Definitely a Muslim. Look at what is inside the ring that he weares. He is such a LIAR about everything. He is trying to kill all things American. He and his phony wife don’t respect our Flag or Country. She/He/It however doesn’t hesitate to spend Gov. money for the Lavish trips. She is the first pres. wife to have 26 Servants. All previous first ladies had ONE.

Sammy Finkelman | November 24, 2015 at 7:44 pm

This is so ridiculous.

Several people who were in Raqqa not long ago were interviewed by the New Yorker in New York last Saturday

n Saturday night, five young Syrians slouched into a dive bar in New York and ordered drinks. When the bartender asked if off-brand vodka was O.K., they had to smile. They were all exiles from Raqqa, the provincial city in northern Syria that ISIS has made its operational center and the de-facto capital of the Islamic State. No one needed the good stuff. Just a drink would do.

Everyone in the group works for Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently (R.B.S.S.), a kind of underground journalistic-activist enterprise that, under the threat of grisly execution, smuggles images and reports on ISIS from Raqqa to its allies abroad. The group’s comrades, in turn, post them on social media and its Web site..

The explanation: they came on vistor’s visas, not immigrant visas.

Only people applying to immigrate get the ove rthe top screening