Ever since it became clear that Paul Ryan would be the next Speaker of the House, there have been mixed feelings on the right about his ascension. Some worried that he isn’t conservative enough; others worried that he’d be too much like Boehner.

Now that he’s in the role and talking about his plans, he sounds like he might be the perfect choice.

This report from David Jackson of USA Today is encouraging:

With honeymoon over, Paul Ryan vows ‘to go on offense’

New House Speaker Paul Ryan figures his honeymoon is already over.

It lasted “about 35 minutes,” he said on Fox News Sunday in one of a string of interviews he gave following his election to succeed John Boehner as House speaker on Thursday.

Not only will Ryan go up against congressional Democrats and the Obama administration, he faces suspicious conservative House members who question his commitment to their cause.

In the interviews Sunday, Ryan pledged to go back to “regular order” in the House — a reference to allowing committees more power in crafting legislation — and to focus on reducing federal spending and the debt.

The Wisconsin Republican said he wants to create a system in which all House GOP members — including conservative members of the anti-Boehner “Freedom Caucus” — will get a chance to express their views on the floor.

“I think the legislative process has been too tightly controlled,” Ryan said on CNN’s State of the Union. At the same time, he said, “I think we need to be very clear about what we can and cannot achieve.”

Even more encouraging is the interview Ryan gave to CNN’s Dana Bash yesterday, in which he makes it clear that Obama can’t be trusted on immigration and that Planned Parenthood will be investigated.

Another thing to remember is that Paul Ryan represents a new generation of young Republican leaders, something the Democrats are dearly lacking.

Do you realize we haven’t had a Speaker of the House as young as Ryan since 1869?

CBS News reports:

Who was the last House speaker younger than Paul Ryan?

Earlier this week, the House of Representatives elected Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, as the next speaker of the House. Ryan, 45, became youngest Speaker since James G. Blaine, who was 39 years old when he was elected speaker in 1869, according to the House historian.

Blaine, a Republican, started his career in elected office by winning a seat in the Maine House of Representatives in 1858. He gradually climbed the ranks, eventually becoming House speaker for his last two years in the state legislature.

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