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Pandering to Protesters Week at College Insurrection

Pandering to Protesters Week at College Insurrection

Your weekly report from the world of higher education.

Protesters at Dartmouth took their disruptive demonstration into a school library and may have assaulted people. Luckily, the school has apologized…to the protesters.

News of protests didn’t end at Dartmouth.

It’s almost like the left wing owns academia.

Here’s some harsh reality.

People have noticed how foolish this is.

Yes it is.

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I’ve seen blackmail, intimidation and extortion in gangster movies. I never thought I’d see it on campuses.

There’s a new mob in town.

Imagine a world where people gave thanks and didn’t whine.

Take back the campus. Beat shit out of them. Shank a few.

Why don’t BLM in the womb?? I’ve been asking this question since the mess started, even sent letters to liberal Blacks in Congress & liberal Black journalists–they all ignore me. But I’ll keep askin’.

Good lord, is it possible for any human being to have less pride or lower self esteem? Send all college and university faculty and administrators to boot camp. They need to spend some quality time in the mud with some guy for whom they’d have absolutely no respect, who will control EVERYTHING important that remains in their petty little lives. A guy who’ll make them eat the mud the first time they disagree with him. And if they disagree, it’ll only be once; they may learn self control and to like mud. A guy some will hate, all will grow to fear; a guy some will come to respect as much as anyone they ever meet in life, someone they will never, ever forget, and many will thank if they make it through.

And not a one of those who do would EVER again consider apologizing to one of these so-called “students.”