Unfortunately, Palestinian propaganda promises those “martyred” while killing or attempting to kill Jews an after-life of glory and paradise. This, of course, perpetuates the conflict and death on all sides.

In a twist on that theme, two Palestinians shot and killed while carrying out knifing attacks were posthumously married at a funeral of one of them in Hebron.

The video was posted on Facebook by the Palestinian Information Center which also tweeted the link.


The Times of Israel provides more details:

Raed Jaradat, 22, who was shot while carrying out a stabbing attack against Israeli soldiers near Hebron last week, and Daania Arshid, killed as she tried to stab soldiers at the Tomb of the Patriachs on the same day, were posthumously betrothed to each other as “martyrs” to be married beyond the grave.

As the father of Jaradat prepared to bury his son, he turned to the crowd and requested from Arshid’s father to allow his daughter to become his son’s bride. Arshid’s father broke into tears and approved the engagement. Then the two fathers were hoisted into the air and came together in an emotional embrace.

The crowd broke into song and dance as the announcer declared, “Blessed be Raed, blessed be Daania, God is great.”

In the world of Palestinian incitement, the “marriage” of martyrs was not the most bizarre revelation today. A store in Gaza called Hitler displayed mannequins holding knives:



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