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November 7, 1984: Ronald Reagan Wins Reelection in Landslide

November 7, 1984: Ronald Reagan Wins Reelection in Landslide

“Four years ago we raised a banner of bold colors — no pale pastels.”

On this day in 1984, President Ronald Reagan won 49 of 50 states and 525 of 538 electoral votes, winning reelection in an historic landslide.  His Democrat challenger Walter Mondale carried Minnesota, Mondale’s home state, and Washington DC for a total of 13 electoral votes.

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Watch Reagan’s January 1984 announcement of his candidacy for a second term:

Upon accepting the Republican Party’s nomination, President Reagan made some observations that resonate today.  He said:

America is presented with the clearest political choice of half a century. The distinction between our two parties and the different philosophy of our political opponents are at the heart of this campaign and America’s future.

I’ve been campaigning long enough to know that a political party and its leadership can’t change their colors in 4 days. We won’t, and no matter how hard they tried, our opponents didn’t in San Francisco. We didn’t discover our values in a poll taken a week before the convention. And we didn’t set a weathervane on top of the Golden Gate Bridge before we started talking about the American family.

The choices this year are not just between two different personalities or between two political parties. They’re between two different visions of the future, two fundamentally different ways of governing — their government of pessimism, fear, and limits, or ours of hope, confidence, and growth.

Their government sees people only as members of groups; ours serves all the people of America as individuals. Theirs lives in the past, seeking to apply the old and failed policies to an era that has passed them by. Ours learns from the past and strives to change by boldly charting a new course for the future. Theirs lives by promises, the bigger, the better. We offer proven, workable answers.

Watch Reagan’s full acceptance speech for the 1984 Republican nomination:


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The fact that he carried ONLY his home state and Washington DC was symbolic and prophetic of how out of touch Washington DC was with the rest of the country.

It’s only gotten worse since then.

cantor4massat4 | November 8, 2015 at 7:31 am

A real leader. It’s been such a long time. Hopefully, we’ll have Cruz in the White House next year.

buckeyeminuteman | November 9, 2015 at 1:04 pm

525 to 13! I swear I heard that Obama was going to be our nation’s first uniter. I swear I heard that somewhere.