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Not PC

Not PC

When Peace is Cowardice

From Bob:

Noticed this while jogging in Windsor CO, 11/17/15.

In light of French President Francois Hollande calling the ISIS attack an “act of war” and acting, I consider that patriotic.

Especially in light of how Obama handles crisis.


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Obama is the Deceiver and he is climate change’s safest place.

Barky doesn’t ‘handle’ any crisis he doesn’t like.

However, when it comes to a crisis that suits his fancy, or one that he and Valjar have manufactured, he’s all mouth and pens and phones about it.

He’s a despicable liar and manipulator with a lethal agenda . . . expect the next year to be a doozie.

It is cowardice, or treason.

POTUS Dinglebarry is a yellow-bellied coward. He should be jailed for treason.

Absolutely true. That’s why liberalism is so popular with the likes of protracted adolescents, like Hollywood idiots: the the going gets tough, run – or have someone else deal with it.

This personifies Obama: he is leaving the hell he created for subsequent presidents. Thank you, zero interest, and corrupt, useful idiots like Janet Yellin.