It’s with a mix of sadness for us (because she’s leaving) and happiness for her (because she found a great law job) that I report Amy Miller is leaving Legal Insurrection at the end of the month. I’ll have more to say about that when we throw her going away party, which may result in the cops being called by the neighbors.

For a while we’ve been quietly looking to add to our team, but with Amy leaving, I’ve decided for the first time ever (I think, maybe the LI historians remember differently) to let people know on the website.

We are looking to add one or more full and/or part time editors/authors/researchers, both on domestic political and cultural issues, and Israel and BDS.

If that sounds open-ended, it’s deliberately so. I’ve always believed in hiring the person, not filling a spot. I’m particularly interested in people with strong research and writing skills, as that helps fill our niche of finding issues before others, and pursuing those issues with depth and determination. That is how we started, and though we’ve strayed from time to time, it’s where we should be.

As to attitude, someone described what we do as being “disrupters.” I think that’s right.

But we pride ourselves on being careful. LI has recently been described by some people you might have heard of as a “a great, credible blog” and “a wonderful website.” I’d like to keep it that way.

As to ideology, please see the Featured Image.

You can contact me by email here. Tell me how you could help advance the legal insurrection.


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