When asked about combating ISIS at the Democratic Party debate last Saturday, Hillary Clinton said “It cannot be an American fight.” She took some heat for saying that, even from the left.

After what must have been a furious few days of focus groups and word testing, she presented a plan to defeat ISIS in a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations yesterday.

CNN reports:

Hillary Clinton calls for U.S. to ‘intensify and broaden’ efforts to fight ISIS

Hillary Clinton is calling for more allied planes, more airstrikes and a “broader target set” — though no large-scale mobilization of U.S. ground troops — to combat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

She urged Congress to approve a new authorization of the use of military force against ISIS, saying that doing so would signal “that the U.S. is committed to this fight. The time for delay is over. We should get this done.”

In the wake of the Paris attacks, for which ISIS has claimed responsibility, Clinton said that “every society faces a choice between fear and resolve” — an indirect shot at her Republican foes in the 2016 presidential race, who have called for the United States to shut out Syrian refugees.

“This is no time to be scoring political points. We must use every pillar of American power, including our values, to fight terror,” Clinton said.

No time for scoring political points, eh?

Clinton, in a major break from her GOP presidential rivals, called for the United States to continue accepting Syrian refugees despite reports that at least one of the Paris attackers entered Europe under that guise.

“Turning away orphans, applying a religious test, discriminating against Muslims, slamming the door on every Syrian refugee — that is just not who we are,” Clinton said.

Here’s a clip from the speech:

If you need further clarification, Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta offered a summary of Hillary’s plan which has been widely mocked on Twitter:

Featured image via YouTube.


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