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Hillary: Former Presidents Won’t Have to Declare Their Criminal History For Employment

Hillary: Former Presidents Won’t Have to Declare Their Criminal History For Employment


Best Freudian slip ever or THE best Freudian slip ever?

We report, you decide.

According to Slate, at an NAACP banquet in Charleston, South Carolina Friday night, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used “president” in lieu of “prisoner.”

Discussing her plans to “ban the box” (removing the criminal conviction disclosure requirement box from employment applications), Clinton said:

“Earlier today I announced that as President, I will take steps to ban the box so former presidents won’t have to declare their criminal history at the very start of hiring process. That way they’ll have a chance to be seen as more than just someone who’s done time. They’ll have a chance to be evaluated on their skills and their work ethic.”

Anyone spending enough time in the public eye will mix words. There are probably even statistics to prove so. But this gaffe?


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Henry Hawkins | November 4, 2015 at 4:34 pm

So, we’ve finally learned her true motivation for running.

Could she pardon herself?

Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton: “Pardon us, please.

No, seriously…!”

Freudian slip…???

Hell, no! That was an entire Freudian ensemble…!!!

With a pantsuit thrown in!

That blue outfit she’s wearing in the first photo is interesting.

The pattern looks like a microscopic view of Lewinsky’s blue dress.

Hopefully some smart Republican will milk that soundbite for all it’s worth.

The ads write themselves, but thankyewverymuch for the help, Beest