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Democrats in Debt While Republicans Raise Millions

Democrats in Debt While Republicans Raise Millions

It’s all about the dollars.

If current fundraising totals are any indication of the 2016 election, and they should be, the Republicans are in much better shape than the Democrats. The Republican National Committee is flush with cash, while the Democratic National Committee is mired in debt.

This news doesn’t apply to any single presidential candidate at this point but it’s still important because these organizations fund congressional races.

FOX News reports:

DNC deep in debt as RNC builds up $20 million war chest

The Republican National Committee keeps building its cash advantage over its Democratic rivals, strengthening the party’s position going into the election year – with the latest monthly reports showing the DNC with a major debt, while the RNC has accrued a $20M war chest.

The Republicans announced last week that they had raised $8.7 million in October, which they say broke a record for presidential off-year fundraising record.

“With just under a year until Election Day 2016 we’re seeing great enthusiasm for the GOP,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a press release.

Figures show the Republicans now have over $20 million cash on hand, with only $1.8 million in debts owed. The RNC has raised a total of $89.3 million to date in the current election cycle.

The figures stand in stark contrast to the DNC, that has only $4.7 million cash in hand, with $6.9 million in debts owed, putting the DNC in the red, according to FEC figures. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the Democrats have so far raised $53.2 million this election cycle, significantly less than their Republican counterparts.

According to Lisa Hagen of The Hill, October was a big month for the RNC:

RNC outraised DNC 2-to-1 in October

The Democratic National Committee raised nearly half of its Republican counterpart’s October fundraising haul, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

The DNC raised about $4.5 million last month compared to the Republican National Committee’s $8.7 million haul that it posted last week.

The national Democratic campaign arm burned through more than it raised in October, spending nearly $5.3 million.

The RNC has a significant cash advantage, posting $20 million cash on hand compared to the DNC’s $4.7 million cash on hand.

“We’re hard at work building a data and field infrastructure that will defeat Hillary Clinton, and thousands of enthusiastic voters from across the country have been excited to chip in for that effort,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said last week in a statement.

The Democratic Party is basically spending more money than it has.

Sound familiar?

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No point in donating to the party of demonization, destruction and demise. The dems’ voting base is mostly the on the dole, so there is no cash there. The wealthy dems may see no point in donating to a losing cause. If Hillary goes down because of all her corrupt dealings and treasonous policies, who will replace her?

Doesn’t matter a bit. The dems will spend many millions and never pay their debts.

JimMtnViewCaUSA | November 28, 2015 at 12:39 pm

Who’s donating to the GOP?
Is the Chamber of Commerce and other RINO groups cementing control to support illegals?

It’s very early. All those numbers are small fractions of what they’ll be in six months.

And it doesn’t count unions, taxpayer-funded NGOs, the MSM, and all the rest of the Democratic Party Establishment.

The RNC routinely outspends the DNC. It has to because the GOP is less shameless in handing out billions of taxpayer dollars to “independent” organizations that will be buying ad time in the fall and “getting out the vote”.

I’m sure it’s more of a spending problem than a revenue problem, but then the DNC doesn’t like families who have enough money to share (at least publicly).

Donors are putting most of their money on one horse, Hillary. She can be relied on to stay bought and paid for. She has along history of consistent corruption, moral abdication, and political perfidy.

The only reason a candidate needs money is to gain name recognition and get their message out, neither of which is important to Democrat voters.

It’s primary time.
Bernie Sanders is already imploding.
Hillary will get the nod, if she doesn’t get indicted.
No need to waste money now when it will be needed later.