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Campaign 2.0: “Jeb Can Fix It” Flops Hard

Campaign 2.0: “Jeb Can Fix It” Flops Hard


I officially feel sorry for Jeb Bush.

In the wake of the CNBC debate, I said without hesitation (for about the 55th time) that he simply doesn’t want to be president. I’ve seen nothing out of him that convinces me he really wants this.

(This is one of those “feature/bug” scenarios. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the fact that he doesn’t want the White House—I wouldn’t—other than the fact that he’s wasting his and our time with a multimillion dollar campaign.)

The Bush campaign has gone from lukewarm, to tragedy, and finally to farce—but they’re not done yet.

We have a new slogan: “Jeb Can Fix It.”

Read this report from the AP while I rub my temples and quietly pray for 2017:

“This is not about big personalities on the stage. It’s not about talking. It’s about doing,” the two-term Florida governor told supporters in Jacksonville, the last of three stops for the day.

His remarks, repeated earlier in Tampa and Orlando, were obvious jabs at rivals Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, and a nod to his flat performance in the debate last week in Colorado.

Bush’s reset comes as a populist surge has propelled the outsider campaigns of bombastic developer Trump and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson — and created an opportunity for Rubio, a freshman senator from Florida and former Bush protege, to make his appeal to the party establishment.

Surrounded Monday by friends and former colleagues, Bush delivered a morning speech in Tampa that amounted to re-declaring his candidacy, without changing his message or significantly altering his campaign strategy. Bush recently announced an across-the-board cut in salaries to protect his available campaign cash for the final charge into Iowa.

“But let me be clear: I’m not stepping into the role of ‘angry agitator’ that they have created for us, because it’s not what’s in my heart,” Bush said, a nod to the frustration Trump has stoked.

Jeb Bush did a good job of defending himself and his flailing campaign during one-on-one interviews…

…but got savaged on Twitter over the slogan retool:


I can relate with Bush’s desire to lay out the bullet points/keep things calm/be the adult in the room—but it’s just not working. The RCP average has him trailing Trump, Carson, Rubio, and Cruz with an anemic 6.5%. The latest national polling numbers from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal has him doing a little better at 8%, but he’s still trailing Rubio (11%) and Cruz (10%), both of whom have defined themselves on the same national stage that Jeb keeps tripping over.

This campaign reboot will only give Bush a bump if he also reboots his entire approach to the 2016 campaign, the field, and the American people.

That being said, if there’s a political mercy rule, it may be time to invoke.

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See the periods…???

With all those periods is Jeb self identifying as a woman

    userpen in reply to Old0311. | November 3, 2015 at 4:51 pm

    Those are the periods when Low Energy Jeb noticed his low energy and with a loud voice spoke up confidently, “Let Jeb Fix It!” and popped open a Red Bull. His campaign staff, noticing this habit, said, “Hey, that would make an excellent campaign slogan.”

Henry Hawkins | November 3, 2015 at 3:41 pm

The Bush group (think Karl Rove, Chamber of Commerce, et al) wants back into power, just as the Clinton gang does, and Jeb! is their only choice to put forward as a candidate. Certainly loyal to his own family and the network of Bush political friends, Jeb agreed, but his heart clearly is not in it.

There is a reason all the Jeb campaign graphics leave out his last name (Jeb!, Jeb Can Fix It!, etc.), which identifies another problem with his campaign – the assumption that graphical tricks will make people forget who he is.

    “The Bush group (think Karl Rove, Chamber of Commerce, et al) wants back into power,…”

    Take a look around you Henry, the Chamber of Commerce has never been out of power !

    “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce 2014/15 goals:

    The full implementation of ObamaCare without adjustment.
    Comprehensive Immigration Reform – to include Amnesty for illegal aliens.

    Support for full delivery of Federal Common CORE education standards.

    Support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal (TPP which led to TPA)

    You’ll note all of these legislative priorities are also supported by new House Speaker Paul Ryan who has selected a Chamber of Commerce lobbyist as his chief of staff; and it was Ryan who pushed the TP”

      Henry Hawkins in reply to betty. | November 4, 2015 at 8:13 am

      Ryan is Speaker of the House. Bush would be president. Do you suppose the Chamber of Commerce goals need a lacky to sign whatever bills congress might pass?

Is this an allusion to Rosie the Riveter or something?

BTW, it used to be OK if a president didn’t really want the office, e.g., Eisenhower.


Jeb! Can’t Fix It.

Flaccid Dork of the Year Award, for sure.
Presidential Candidate? No way.

I’ll Take ‘Jeb’s “I Can Fix It”‘ for $200, Alex.

Question: What did a failed presidential campaign come up with to hammer it’s own coffin nails?

cantor4massat4 | November 3, 2015 at 5:52 pm

I guess that consultants can be dumb and spend lots of the candidates’ money. Then they can go from one failure to another failure and continue to make money by coming up with stupid ideas and spending lots of money. Or is it the candidate who hires these fools who is dumb?

    It’s what happens when you spend most of your professional life, spending other peoples money. A million here for a failed idea, a million there for a failed idea, no biggie. Besides, he has other cool things he could be doing.

      IrateNate in reply to rayc. | November 4, 2015 at 9:42 pm

      I’m still trying to figure out what those “cool things” are…is Jeb into video games? Maybe a train set in his basement? Lego? I’m at a loss….

What is worse than that is JEB! is parading around here in Florida elected Republican office holders who are in the state legislature! Whoever is telling JEB! that this is a winning strategy even in Florida should be fired. The Florida legislature is so dysfunctional and incompetent that JEB! running around showcasing these endorsements is another drain on his lousy, “low energy” campaign.

Jeb needs more pointy toed Mexican boots, big belt buckles straw cowboy hats and ponchos. He needs to speak Spanish more. Call for more immigration as acts of love.

He’s toast with marmalade. The sooner he’s out the better. Low energy? He’s low energy, low desire, low assertiveness, and low on ideas.

Is Jeb’s next gig on This Old House?

Maybe he’s thinking wishfully about the fix being in…

The Friendly Grizzly | November 4, 2015 at 12:56 pm

Setting aside his politics, I just don’t think the man is really all that bright.

Jeb! The Political Fixer!
Jeb! If he can’t get enough votes legally he doesn’t worry the Fix is In!
Jeb! Let’s Fix this game! Uh, I mean rig the system, uh, Never mind just vote for who we tell you damn it!