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Branco Cartoon – This Time I Mean It


We have a mad man on our hands.

Does that man in the WH have try hard to be that stupid or does it come naturally?

No one on earth thinks ISIS will buy into the Climate Change WMD ruse…except for Barack Obama, John Kerry and John Holdren, the purveyors of manipulative scientism.

In fact, Obama is now terrorizing us sane people with this abject nonsense.

I just love your work. Received Comically Incorrect this weekend. If is funny and thought-provoking from cover to last page. Would encourage those who have not yet ordered to do so.

I wonder if the Nobel committee was aware he was capable of such violence, when they awarded him the Peace Prize?

OMG finally! It’s like you think you get to take a vacation or something, Mr. Branco!

Now all Obama needs is to get ISIS some jobs and the world will be safe!

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Congrats, Branco, on getting more attention and recognition nationally. Your comic today is highlighted by Allen West. Saw it on his FB post.

Once again, you’re just the best!