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Branco Cartoon – Jihadist in a Box


Exactly! The primary demonic agent sponsoring all of this evil is there well depicted. That firm grip on the handle bringing all this nonsense into being says it all.

Simply brilliant!

How true! And I’d rather put Pres. Dinglebarry in the box and send him back to ISIS to help them be “contained”.

Obama looks at the same time very surprised, and like the little kid that just got his hand caught in the cookie jar…

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LOL at this one. Mr. Branco, your cartoons are always quite poignant. So much so that often they do not make me smile, but I appreciate them. This one really made me laugh.

The manufacturer of the crank is Hillary. Her name is all over it.

I don’t really get it.
If the signs said “France” and “USA” then it would be correct … Obama launching terrorists into those countries.