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Branco Cartoon – Jackass


Lovit, Branco.


Excellent, Mr. Branco!

The definition of Journalist, Has become very blurred, in recent years. Moderators in Debates have showed what members of the press have become Comment makers, giving their opinions or trying to shock people, to push their own career.

I don’t know why anyone was expecting anything different from the debates.

Shouldn’t the GOP be moderating the GOP debates?

Are they going to be so stupid as to walk into a debate moderated by planned parenthood in the general election?

Not so sure about the eyes. While fairly accurate, they contrast the lipstick and make it look really pathetic and phony.

Oh wait, … that’s not a look it’s a fact … well then never mind. Sorry to have bothered y’all.

/s /s (when one sarc just isn’t enough)

At first I thought that was a graphic of Hillary … excellent satire as always Branco. 🙂

I didn’t realize until this time what the lipstick laden journalists butts looked like.