The TSA is terrible. Probably one of the worst organizations we pay for.

Even worse is that collectively we’ve decided to tolerate wandering barefoot through nudey scanners and randomized government sanctioned, blue-gloved molestation.

Evidently, there exist those who still believe putting mascara in a plastic zip-loc bag makes it less terroristy.

Enter College Humor. In one of their latest videos, they challenge the misconception that TSA fulfills its sole raison d’etre — stopping terrorist attacks.

“They didn’t stop the shoe bomber, they didn’t stop the underwear bomber, heck, they probably won’t stop the crop top bomber,” Adam explains.

Really, everything and everyone else protects us from domestic terrorist attacks, except for the TSA.

“The TSA does nothing. They straight up suck at screening.” Truer words were never spoken.

Perhaps presidential candidates should add “strong proponent of defunding the TSA,” to their platforms. Universal loathing of the TSA and hatred of Comcast seem to be two issues that unite all Americans, regardless of partisan leanings.

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