Has anyone noticed that our candidates are a little…sassier…this time around?

Maybe we have Donald Trump to thank for this; perhaps it’s the advent of social media and the unfiltered nature of digital campaigns. Either way, it’s something to be thankful for, if only for its entertainment value.

Last week, Hillary Clinton sent copies of her book, Hard Choices, to all of the Republican candidates:

Her campaign attempted to play this off as a big PR clown on the GOP—but it didn’t work out as well as she thought it would. Ben Carson responded to Hillary’s generosity in kind:

Thanks Hillary.

Posted by Dr. Ben Carson on Friday, October 9, 2015

Coaster? Door stop? Step stool? Sounds about right. I can’t think of a better use for it, at any rate.

Carson isn’t the only candidate who took full advantage of Hillary’s generosity. Rand Paul added his own signature to the book, threw it up on eBay, and ended up raking in over 10,000 in the ensuing bidding war:

rand paul winning bid

So, there you have it. Hillary Clinton’s latest scrappy little digital campaign produced Republican counter-memes and raised thirteen thousand dollars for an underdog.

Keep going, Madam Secretary—you’re bound to catch on eventually.

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