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Report from Israel: “They will never drive us out, no matter how much terror they pour on us”

Report from Israel: “They will never drive us out, no matter how much terror they pour on us”

That is the one thing the Arab world has not internalized about us

When Professor Jacobson asked if I wanted to write a post describing how we Israelis are feeling under the current onslaught of terror and vicious incitement, I thought to myself “How do I expand “furious, angry, frightened and frustrated” into a few hundred words?

It is rather hard to put these harsh emotions into words and explain how they affect our lives, but I shall try.

Having taken not one single survey, so my apologies for generalizing and extrapolating from my own emotions, I think the dominant feeling amongst the Israeli populace is not fear or terror (though there is that too) but anger, accompanied by a good deal of frustration.

Frustration with Our Leadership

We are angry at the government, particularly at Binyamin Netanyahu who urges us not to let the terror affect our lives.

Mr. Netanyahu, it IS affecting our lives! How could it not?

And yet, we are also frustrated because we know that Bibi is right. We were more frustrated a few days ago because we felt the government wasn’t being forceful enough in confronting the wave of terror, and concentrating on defensive rather than offensive steps.

But they seem to be on the right path now, with the new open-fire legislation and easing the rules of engagement for the police and IDF.

Fury at Incitement by Arab Knesset Members

We are furious at the Arab members of the Knesset who incite their constituents to murder, who defy the government’s orders not to cause provocations by going up to the Temple Mount, who claim the Jews have no rights on the Temple Mount, and who then claim victimization and accuse the government of incitement.

(video translation)

“Why are you letting them in? It’s a disgrace, only to hurt Muslims’ feelings. This is not yours, get out of here, go home, you’re not wanted,”

They are arsonists in a bone-dry forest, and they are as responsible for the terror as those miserable kids who are going around stabbing Israelis.

The one piece of good news about which Israelis were very happy today (if that’s the right word) is that Bibi called for a criminal investigation against Hanin Zoabi for calling for a popular intifada. But knowing our soft-left Attorney General, I’m not holding my breath for an indictment to emerge.

It is not only the average Israeli who is angry at the Arab MKs. In a very unusual scenario, the Arab mayor of Nazareth, Ali Salam, hurled a furious tirade against MK Ayman Odeh, the head of the United Arab List, accusing him and the rest of his party of “ruining” the city.

The unrest throughout Israel, in which dozens of stabbings and rock attacks have taken place in recent weeks, has caused a dearth of traffic in public places throughout the country, and has badly hurt the economy of Israeli Arab-owned businesses in Nazareth, Jaffa, Ramle, and other areas with large Arab populations.

Salam, frustrated with the situation, spotted Odeh speaking to the Channel Two reporter – and in the midst of the interview, began screaming at the MK in Arabic, telling him how he had “ruined this city, ruined everything. We did not have even one Jew here today, not one.

“What are giving interviews for? You have done nothing! You have destroyed the world! Get Out of here!,” screamed Salam, venting his frustration.

Watch the video:

Mystified by Refusal to Recognize that Islam is at War with Us

We are upset, and more than a bit mystified, at the President – Rivlin, not Obama (though him too, but that’s another story) for asserting that we are not at war with Islam.

Those are pretty words meant to tamp down the fire that threatens to engulf us, especially in Jerusalem, and they may be true in theory, but in practice, Islam is at war with us. How does one square that circle? Not facing up to reality has been the cause of most of our woes.

We are both furious and frustrated with Mahmoud Abbas who incites to murder out of one side of his mouth with dreadful libels about the Jews desecrating Al-Aqsa with “their filthy feet“, and yet calls for calm from his own chieftains, and then again pronounces his solidarity with the Temple Mount rioters from the other side of his mouth. He cannot have it both ways. He cannot be arsonist and firefighter, though the world seems to have no problem accepting him as such.

We are angry, frustrated and terrified of our own hotheads who take the law into their own hands and who could ignite a civil war with the throw of a stone or the touch of a match.

Spitting Mad at International Media

We are spitting mad at the international media who distort, lie, slander and generally lie about Israel, and in particular about our efforts at self-defence.

No matter what we do or how we go about it, you can be sure that the BBC, CNN, the NYT et al will distort the news into “all the news that we see fit to print, and if it’s not to our liking, we’ll edit it or invent it accordingly”.

We are angry at the Administration who “urge us to be calm” but don’t urge the Arabs to turn off the terror.

We are frustrated and depressed at the thought of this violence sparking up every few years for the smallest of reasons.

Nauseated by Palestinians Teaching Jew-Hatred

I find it profoundly depressing, almost nauseating, to realize that with the indoctrination by the Palestinian education system. Their accommodating media pushes yet another generation of Palestinian children into vicious and unreasonable Jew-hatred, there is not a chance in hell of us ever reaching any kind of workable way for the two nations to live in an armed truce if not peace in our little country.

It is terrifying to understand that the Palestinian masses can be “switched on” into an almost zombie-like mass hysteria by a few words – false words, vicious words, words that can, and do, light a conflagration; those words being “the Jews are attacking the Al-Aqsa Mosque!”

(Image via @elitabori Twitter)

It is even worse to bear when we all know that those words are utterly false.

How many times does Bibi have to swear that Israel has no designs on the Mosque, that the Jews are not interested in entering the Mosque, that we have not changed that unholy status quo one iota?

In fact it is the Muslims themselves who have changed the status quo by turning the holy site into a battlefield, complete with rocks, firecrackers and even weapons, ready to be turned on the Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall below the Mosque and on the Israeli police and troops who are there to protect those worshippers.

On these two subjects, the indoctrination of Palestinian children, and the Temple Mount libels, I would recommend two excellent articles from the Times of Israel, both of which describe the profoundly depressing nature of the conflict and its insolubility:

Armed with rocks and stones, the children of Oslo come of age by Avi Issacharoff:

This generation of Palestinian youth has been named the “children of Oslo” by Palestinian society. They were born after the Oslo agreements of 1993, and after the establishment of the Palestinian Authority. They have heard about the old model of the Israeli occupation, but don’t really know what it means. The Palestinian Authority, from their perspective, has been the government since before they were born, yet they view it with open contempt and suspicion.

They’re addicted to the Internet and, of course, to Facebook. The official media outlets of the Authority, such as Palestinian television and radio stations, are so 1990s. They pass around videos and messages in WhatsApp and other apps — like the video of the terrorist from Nazareth who was shot in Afula by cops after they surrounded her on all sides — and in that way create a communication and news network all their own. Even al-Jazeera seems to them “news for old people.”

And the second article: A stabbing war born of hysterical intolerance by the always incisive editor David Horovitz:

There is an almost surreal aspect to this particular eruption of conflict: Israel has been plunged into a terror war because of a false assertion that it intends to allow Jewish prayer at the holiest place in Judaism. This rather begs the question of why Israel would not allow Jewish prayer at the holiest place in Judaism, which it captured and liberated, to a great outpouring of Jewish emotion in the 1967 war.

The answer? Utilizing the rabbinical halachic consensus that forbids Jews from setting foot on the Temple Mount for fear of desecrating the site of the Holy of Holies, Israel’s defense minister 48 years ago, Moshe Dayan, took the pragmatic decision not to fully realize renewed Jewish sovereignty at the Temple Mount, and therefore not to risk a religious confrontation with the Muslim world. Instead, Israel opted to bar Jewish prayer there and to permit the Jordanian-run Waqf authority to continue to administer the Muslim holy places. That Israeli forbearance has all too evidently been misunderstood and misrepresented among many Palestinians as evidence that the Jewish state has no genuine attachment to the Mount. That Israeli forbearance is now rewarded with violence.

(Image via @idfelite Twitter)

Not Giving In To Fear

As to the fear that we are experiencing, yes, we are scared of the terrorist acts that are popping up all around us, not only on the dangerous roads of Samaria, but in the middle of Jerusalem, in our major cities like Tel Aviv and Hadera (and even my quiet little hometown of Petach Tikva!), and on our major highways.

But we Israelis have known a lot worse.

The deadly days of the Second Intifada are not easily forgotten, when we thought twice about going to the mall or riding a bus into town.  Yet we did go to the mall and ride those buses and eat in those pizzerias; we just did it all with our eyes darting around and our ears sharpened for strange noises.

My own method for dealing with the terror in those days was: no mooching in the mall if it was for no particular reason  (that applied mainly to my teenage children), but if you need to go there to buy something, then go. Ditto for driving in Judea and Samaria, for eating out etc.

In other words, the terror did affect our way of life, but we tried to minimize the impact as much as possible. We simply hunkered down and just got on with it.

That is the attitude that is starting to take effect now as well, at least for myself and my circle of family and friends.

We are trying to carry on as normally as possible: my husband still drove on Route 443 from Jerusalem yesterday although it is regularly stoned along the way because it was the quickest way home; my son drives in and out of his settlement because he has to work near Tel Aviv even though an IED was discovered on the approach road a couple of days ago.

But – I admit I’m having second and third thoughts about visiting both him and our daughter in her settlement because there have been several stoning attacks and even, allegedly, a shooting the other day.  For the moment I can wait a while to see my grandchildren. But for how long? At some point, if this situation continues, I will take the risk to drive out there. I can’t stay away forever. And the settlement’s residents too have to drive in and out in their daily lives.

For that is the one thing that the Arab world has not internalized about us – they will never drive us out, no matter how much terror they pour on us, no matter how much delegitimization they activate against us in the international sphere, no matter what weapons they launch at us.

For we have nowhere else to go.


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Buy a gun, Anne. In fact, buy several. Your president, like ours, is an idiot. When Islam is at war with you, you must be at war with Islam. You don’t let the Muslim stab and stab and stab, and then shoot him. Shoot him before the knife reaches flesh for he has made his intent clear by raising the knife.

It’s a nice idea to live peaceably with all men. However, that can only happen when someone shares your values. Muslims don’t. The best Israel can do is expel the Muslims from within your midst. Let them live in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, or wherever they came from originally.

The hesitance of the Israeli government to take a hard line with killers is amazing. The hardest line is the one that involves using pork as a deterrent. When you know your enemy’s weakness, you must exploit it. To put an end to the stabbing and typical Islamic violence, put pork on the bodies and toss them somewhere, no funerals. Israel must civilize the uncivilized.

    It’s not so easy to buy a gun in Israel, despite our “military” reputation. I think I shall get myself some pepper spray or tear gas, although you have to be careful which way the wind is blowing when you use it.

    Your other suggestions are pretty much on the ball but will never be implemented. It’s too late to expel the Arabs, it will never happen now.

    And sadly using pork will not help either. In that one respect they have “grown up” and don’t care about it.

    A reeducation program is what is needed but how the hell will that ever be put into action I don’t know.

    Another huge wave of terror has hit today. 2 Israelis are dead and several very severely injured. The mayor of Jerusalem wants to close off the Arab neighbourhoods of Jerusalem, and that is probably a start. The army will probably have to go in and root out the instigators. Jenin redux.

Great post Anne. You are right. They will NEVER drive us out!

Most amazing, is this kind of terror is intentionally being imported into the U.S.

If Israelis are angry at Bibi, imagine how angry Americans will be at Obama, the left and the likes of Boehner and his cohort of GOP idiots when violence like this hits home daily and personally.

“Those are pretty words meant to tamp down the fire that threatens to engulf us, especially in Jerusalem, and they may be true in theory, but in practice, Islam is at war with us.”

Reminds me of when G. W. Bush said that we were not “in a holy war” with Islam. At the time, I thought, “Islam thinks it’s in a holy war with us, that means we’re in a holy war with Islam, whether we like it or not.”

Meanwhile, in the latest wave of terror to hit today, Israeli citizens have been “having a go” at the terrorists and knocking them out with everything from nun-chuks to umbrellas to selfie-sticks!

Sadly these are all non-lethal weapons…

Many thanks for this report. I wish America did more to provide encouragement, support and honest reporting of events there. My country forgets how it provided no safe haven to 1930’s Jews fleeing Germany by ship, and how the rejected emigration emboldened the darkest of urges among the Nazis to resort to mass extermination. In 1948 most of the world understood the justice in carving out a Jewish homeland, but since then the world has done little to impose its will on generations of violent extremists who celebrate the murder of Jews — including infants, children and elderly.

Sadly that world postures in ways that actually encourages the nihilism. Perhaps the post-modern world would like to see God annihilated, along with the ancient witnesses to a Divine Creation that calls people to be just, to love mercy and to always walk humbly with their God. Israel, I honor your defiance of these enemies, their contempt for God’s creation leads them naturally to you.

David Horovitz writes: ” Moshe Dayan’s historic decision in 1967 to ban Jewish prayer from Temple Mount has evidently hardened Palestinian intransigence rather than encouraged reciprocal imperative for understanding ”

This displays his lack of understanding of who Israrel is dealing with.
There can never be “reciprocal understanding” in the sezo sum game of Islam.
The Arabs will never accept “live and let live” because their faith prohibits any understanding between Islam and the infidel that permits the infidel to live freely.
It is not just Abbas and some politicians but also the Imams, every Friday, inciting against non-Muslims.

    Vascaino in reply to Vascaino. | October 13, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    I’ve just read Augean Stables where Prof Richard Landes posted the following article fisking Shlomo Avineri.

    “Shlomo Avineri, renowned professor of Political Science at Hebrew University wrote an op-ed recently in which (without really saying that he was critiquing his own positions) he dismissed as fatally flawed the Oslo logic of “two states” because the Palestinians do not see the conflict in those terms and do not consider Israeli claims to statehood legitimate, and will never agree to such a deal. ”

    In other words, Israelis by and large – and I’ll attest to this – are positive-sum players. They, like Jews, like progressives, tend to look for win-win solutions, ones where reciprocal compromises lead to both sides benefiting. “