The landslide victory of the conservative party in Poland has delivered a big blow to the open border policy pursued by German Chancellor Merkel and unelected Eurocrats in Brussels. Poland’s ruling liberal Civic Platform has now become the first political victim of EU’s mass migration policy. The conservative Law and Justice Party won most of the seats in the Polish parliament, securing about 38 percent of the votes.

If the initial figures are confirmed, it will be the first time in democratic Poland’s history that a single party has secured a majority in the country’s parliament. 52-year-old miner’s daughter, Beata Szydło (Law and Justice Party) is expected to replace the incumbent Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, who belongs to the Civic Platform party. With Prime Minister Kopacz’s devastating defeat, Chancellor Merkel has lost her most important ally in Eastern Europe. Hungary’s President Victor Orban is already leading an open charge in Eastern Europe against Markel’s pro-immigration policy.

Liberal commentators across Europe are devastated by the news. Oxford history professor Timothy Garton Ash wrote an editorial in UK-based newspaper The Guardian titled “Poland has survived worse than this shift to conservatism. Don’t despair” — lamenting the “Orbanisation” of Europe, alluding to Merkel’s arch-rival Hungary’s conservative President Orban. He further urged young Polish students on British campuses to return back to their country of origin to carry out fight against the democratically elected government:

…more of the talented, energetic young Poles who have left the homeland to enjoy the freedoms of modern European life in countries such as Britain and Ireland should go back to help fortify a modern, liberal, European Poland. Personally, I love having them here as my students at Oxford, and as fellow Europeans in a Eurosceptic Britain, but if I may put it this way: “Agnieszka and Pawel, your country needs you!”

Liberals consider themselves as the sole proprietors of democracy, but won’t let the same democracy get in their way of imposing their agenda on the rest of us.

Not stopping there, Professor Ash urged President Obama to use America’s historical ties with Poland to bully the country’s newly elected government to accept EU dictates:

[Poland’s conservative party] emphasises its desire to strengthen Poland’s special relationship with the US, so Barack Obama needs to tell Poland’s new leader, in their first phone call, what he has already told Cameron: if you want to be best friends with us, then be engaged fully in the EU.

Even if President Obama were to make that phone call, it is unlikely to save a [European] Union that is now bursting at its seams, reeling under the pressures of a self-inflicted migrant crisis. London’s Telegraph summed up the situation aptly by calling it “another nail in the coffin of an ‘ever closer’ European Union.”

The newly elected Law and Justice Party is distrustful of Chancellor Merkel-led Germany and the European Union. It has come to power with promises of taking sovereign control over the country’s borders.

The people of Poland have clearly spoken against the EU’s policy of mass migration. The new rulers in Warsaw, and elsewhere in Europe, would do best to listen to the wishes of their people. If governments across Europe continue to ignore the popular sentiment, it will inevitably lead to civil unrest, rioting and arson — like the scenes already unfolding in Germany.

(Cover photo: Financial Times,YouTube screenshot)

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