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MSNBC apologizes for using false anti-Israel propaganda map

MSNBC apologizes for using false anti-Israel propaganda map

Maps “not factually accurate” and “completely wrong”

Last Friday MSNBC used an anti-Israel series of maps [Featured Image] frequently spread by “pro-Palestinian” boycott activists. The map sequence purports to show “Palestinian Loss of Land” since 1946.

As we documented in our post, MSNBC uses anti-Israel propaganda map, the maps are a lie both individually and in sequence.

The land in the first map was part of the British Mandate of Palestine, not a country of Palestine, and most of the land on the map was public land, not land owned privately by Palestinian Arabs. The second map, the UN partition plan, was the division of land the Arabs rejected and went to war over. The third map, post Israel Independence, purports to show the West Bank and Gaza as Palestinian, but in fact that land was controlled by Jordan and Egypt, respectively. The last map, showing Palestinian control under the Oslo Accords, represents a gain of land, not loss.

This annotation of the maps has some of the details.

Map That Lies - Annotated

With all that in mind, here’s the original MSNBC broadcast:

Understandably there was a firestorm of controversy over MSNBC’s use of the false propaganda map. Multiple media outlets and people on Twitter pointed out the inaccuracies.

On Monday, MSNBC issued an on-air apology. (partial transcription via Twitchy)

“Last Thursday, in an attempt to talk about the context for the current turmoil in the Middle East, we showed a series of maps of the changing geography in that region. We realized after we went off the air the maps were not factually accurate and we regret using them.”

The apology is far from perfect — as it only dealt with the first map — but welcomed. It shows the function social media can play in countering the never-ending Palestinian propaganda machine which churns out many falsehoods which work their way into the media.

The very people who push such false maps were not happy:


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casualobserver | October 20, 2015 at 9:12 am

This would draw more emotion out of me if it were maybe 10 or 20 years ago. But this totally divisive and political propaganda campaign is so routine it hardly gets noticed any more. And the propagandists are nearly perfecting the channels to keep it alive and “in doubt”. Twitter makes it easy.

My numbness is probably helped by the fact that our domestic politics has devolved in a similar way. You only need to look at the relentless propaganda campaigns against the Tea Party that still go on after years for a local analogy.

As I noted yesterday, the lies the Palestinians and their supporters rely on are thick and expansive.

As you can see from the tweets, they will cling to them and savage anyone who disagrees.

The apology doesn’t matter. The damage is done. These “news” outlets know they are showing propaganda. They don’t care. They know more people will retain the propaganda than will see the apology.

News that is slightly better than fiction.