By now, you may have heard that University of Pennsylvania religious studies professor Anthea Butler is under fire for comments she made about Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson.

Butler suggested that Carson, a renowned pediatric brain surgeon, should get the ‘coon of the year’ award.

We covered the story at College Insurrection. In fact, we’ve written extensively about Professor Butler at College Insurrection over the years:

Surely, a professor who said something similar about Obama would face a backlash.

Most media is ignoring the racist taunt.

The panel on The Five discussed the issue yesterday and ironically it was Juan Williams, easily the most liberal participant, who felt that Butler should be dismissed from her position.

According to Al Weaver of the Washington Examiner, there’s been no official response:

Prof. Justin McDaniel, who chairs of the religious studies program at UPenn, called Butler a “valued colleague and faculty member,” but did not offer any direct comment on the tweet itself.

“Professor Butler is on sabbatical and not regularly on campus as she is writing a book on African-American religious history,” McDaniel told the Examiner via email Tuesday. “She will be back on campus teaching regularly in the spring. She is a valued colleague and faculty member, but I have no comment on the tweet, because I have not seen it nor know the context of the comment.”

When presented with the tweet, McDaniel simply said “no comment.”

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