At a recent town hall event in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton said America should consider a mandatory gun buyback program like the one that took place in Australia in the 1990’s.

A former Republican member of the Texas house of representatives named Suzanna Hupp, who survived a mass shooting in 1991, appeared on The Kelly File last night and offered a response.

The FOX News Insider has more:

Mass Shooting Survivor: You Never See These Attacks at Gun Shows, NRA Events

Suzanna Hupp, a survivor of the 1991 mass shooting in Kileen, Texas, that left 24 people dead, said that there was a law against concealed carry in the state at the time, so she left her gun in her car.

Hupp, who saw her parents murdered during the tragic incident, said that you never see mass shooting at gun shows or NRA events, places where there are hundreds or thousands of armed, law-abiding citizens.

“We see mass shootings at places where we have made guns illegal,” Hupp said. “These mass shootings occur at places where people are not able to protect themselves.”

Hupp said if guns are so evil and unnecessary, then Clinton and her family should give up their armed security.

“I think Hillary Clinton should lead by example,” Hupp said.

Watch the video below:

As usual, the left is trying to convince the public that the political wind is blowing in their direction on this issue but they may be misreading the tea leaves.

Charles C.W. Cooke of National Review:

Hillary Is Pushing Her Luck on Gun Control

Really, I can’t help but feel that Hillary is misreading the public mood here. Since the election of 2000 — in which year Al Gore lost his own state in part because of his enthusiasm for gun control — Democrats have tended to shy away from this area. What, one has to wonder, has led them to believe that they should change course now?

As far as I am aware, not a single poll suggests that Americans today are more friendly toward the idea than they were in 2000, which, inter alia, is why Barack Obama did not like to talk publicly about the Second Amendment during his runs in 2008 or 2012. Is Hillary really so convinced that she is going to win the general that she believes she can buck the conventional wisdom and run as an unapologetic gun-controller during the primary?

Even if she is, the manner in which she is going about her little crusade is a touch peculiar. Were she sticking to the time-honored talking points about “sensible regulation” and “common sense” rules, one could comprehend the gamble. But to actively indulge talk of confiscation? To praise “much stricter gun laws”? That would seem to be setting up a damaging showdown with contemporary public opinion — a showdown that might not end too well.

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