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Left Wing Lunacy Week at College Insurrection

Left Wing Lunacy Week at College Insurrection

The craziness continues on college campuses.

What happens when a university decides to debate whether or not feminists stifle free speech?

Speaking of debates.

Guns on campus is still a hot button issue.

Liberal bias in academia? Don’t be ridiculous…

All the way up to the Ivy League.

What do you mean you don’t support Hillary Clinton?

As always, read more at College Insurrection.

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As a culture we are quickly moving away from intellectualism and critical thinking into the miasma of emo-The Age of Feelings, as Dennis Prager calls it.

It appears that many people today want an authoritarian power over them so that they can “relax” and not have to think at all about life’s pressures and inexactitude. Leftist “thinkers” and politicians know this all too well.