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Hillary Forgets Who’s Been President for the Last Seven Years

Hillary Forgets Who’s Been President for the Last Seven Years

Who brought us to our current level of debt?

Hillary Clinton visited Alabama this weekend and while nearly all of the early media reports are about her absurd claim that Republicans are trying to disenfranchise black voters, it was her remarks about the economy that were truly stunning.

In the Associated Press video below, Hillary suggests that it is always Republican presidents who create financial messes which have to then be cleaned up by Democrats.

She touts the financial record of her husband before accusing Bush of leaving Obama with a massive debt. She goes on to praise Obama and claim that he never gets enough credit.

Clinton conveniently leaves out the role Democrats played in the 2008 financial crisis when they forced banks to give home loans to unqualified borrowers. She also neglects to mention the massive debt accumulated by Obama.

Listening to Clinton speak, you might believe a Republican has been president for the last seven years. Take a look:

Here’s a reminder of reality from Madison Gesiotto of the Washington Times:

Americans should be panicked by the $18 trillion national debt

With an over $18 trillion national debt, the United States of America’s deficit has now exceeded 100 percent of its own gross domestic product and is threatening the foundations of its own existence by creating an expansive entitlement state, weakening national security and harming the American workforce.

Since the turn of the century, participation in government entitlement programs has grown at a disturbing rate that America can simply not afford.

For example, SNAP, formerly and better known as food stamps, has grown to about 45 million participants, a close to 200 percent growth of a 51 year-old program in just 15 years.

In total, entitlement programs make up approximately 60 percent of all federal spending, which is an alarming threat to America’s national security.

By increasing government spending on entitlement programs, less money is available each year in the federal budget to be used on defense spending.

Currently, less than 20 percent of the federal budget goes towards the nation’s military.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are going to keep playing this game until they get called on it.

The simple fact is that whoever succeeds Obama is going to inherit a lame economy and levels of debt never seen before in our country’s history.

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And she omits the fact that it was the Gingrich-led Congress which forced Bill to adopt the fiscal reforms which resulted in his surplus budget. That and the fact that he stumbled into one of the biggest boom economies ever. Well OK, his VP did invent the Internet, so we have to give them that.

If we’ll pardon a sports analogy, sometimes a team has good players but a bad coach, who gets fired, and the new competent coach takes over and looks like a comparative miracle coach. A new president might find it relatively easy to get the economy going merely by abandoning bad Obama policies, EO-ing away onerous regs, etc.

    I’m as hopeful as the next guy but it is a one way street. We’ve trained and fed the little parasite special interest groups to ‘force’ the Feds to do what they want to do anyway by suing them for big money payouts. You can’t build a highway anywhere in Cali without money thrown to every special interest group along the route.

    Every faux conservation group from ELF to the Sierra Club would sue for any slackening of the regs on the environment. There are special interest groups for everything.

    That system with its corrupt bureaucrats, its corrupt administrators, and its corrupt lawyers and judges isn’t going away.

      Henry Hawkins in reply to forksdad. | October 19, 2015 at 2:03 pm

      There is no lack of conservative special interest groups who’ve been unable to have their bidding done by the Obama administration. It’s the same thing in reverse if a conservative wins the White House. Not all states are like California, thank goodness.

This is really simple! Hillary is a practiced pathological liar!
And the worst part of this is most of the Democratic voters don’t gave a whit about it!
Business as normal with the DNC!

The United States is in such pitiful state decline under Obama.

Bill Clinton had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the policies that led to a temporary paper surplus. He vetoed welfare reform twice, fought against Kasich’s plan to balance the budget, railed against the capital gains cut.

Of course it was really the last, which not even Republicans had foreseen would free up billions in capital at the very moment the internet boom began, fueling the next phase of Reaganite expansion, that led to the balance budget for a few years.

“The simple fact is that whoever succeeds Obama is going to inherit a lame economy and levels of debt never seen before in our country’s history.”

PLUS, a badly depleted and demoralized military, a steaming, stinking foreign policy mess, a exploding thugovernment…and etc.

“Hillary Forgets Who’s Been President for the Last Seven Years.” And so will the media.

There never was a Clinton budget surplus.

Henry Hawkins | October 19, 2015 at 3:17 pm

Given his record, Clinton and other Dems have to forget who’s been presdient for the past seven years.

We all forget that it was Pres. Jimmy Carter(D) who signed the Fair Housing Act from which the subsequent housing bubble and collapse stem.

franciscodanconia | October 22, 2015 at 9:22 pm

So the debt has doubled in 7 years (remember too that the Dems had both houses of Congress the last two years Bush was in office), and now the debt ceiling will be raised again, and these useful idiots want us to believe that we’re seeing fiscal restraint???

I listen to NPR to hear what the enemy is up to, and that’s what they believe, they say that the horrendous debt we’re now saddled with is okey dokey.