Back in 2008, Obama supporters would foam at the mouth if you suggested Obama was a socialist.

Today, progressive activists are positively giddy about Bernie Sanders who openly identifies as a Democratic Socialist.

Now that the mask has come off, should the Democratic Party change its name?

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was on The Late Show this week and when host Seth Meyers asked him who best represents Democrats, Matthews suggested it’s Bernie.

Jeffrey Meyer of NewsBusters has the details (emphasis is his):

Chris Matthews Admits Socialist Bernie Sanders Best Represents Democrats

Rather than name frontrunner Hillary Clinton has emblematic of the Democratic Party, Matthews eagerly touted how Socialist Bernie Sanders’ views are the future of the party as it moves ever so far to the left:

He’s where the party is headed. And the party is much more left than it was. If you had said socialist four or eight years ago, you would have been blown out of town. You can’t say socialist. Now it doesn’t bother anybody. ‘Cause they don’t think the system’s straight, right now. And in fact, if you talked about the rich, people would say, “Oh that’s class politics. You can’t do that.” Nobody said that this time because they know it’s right. Because of the numbers. How bad people are getting hurt.

Here’s the video clip:

Since they’re finally being honest about it, why not make it official?

David Harsanyi of The Federalist seems to agree:

Introducing The ‘Democratic Socialist’ Party

No one seems too troubled that Democrats ratchet up the collectivist rhetoric every election. We mock conservatives for red-baiting and throwing around the word “socialism.” And let’s face it, the term is overused and misunderstood. But as we saw in the Las Vegas the other night, the Democratic Party is not a party of Great Society liberals anymore. We’re not talking about lifting the marginal tax rates a few points, at least not rhetorically. Bernie Sanders isn’t only pulling a quarter of Democrats to his cause, he’s pacing the field ideologically.

In a New York Times piece this April describing Hillary’s alleged progressive epiphany, we learned that the Democratic Party front-runner believes a sound economy requires the “toppling” of the wealthy. Where taxes were once conceived to fund safety nets, police, education, communal improvements through infrastructure, and the nation’s defense, nowadays Democrats talk about taxation as if it were a tool to take from the undeserving—whose ill-gotten gains are built on a foundation of skulls from the victims of a “rigged” system—and give to companies, people, and programs to create societal equality, justice, and harmony.

The Democratic Party needs to embrace its inner socialist self with a proper name — Democratic Socialist Party U.S.A.:


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