Last night on The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly aired an exclusive interview with Charles Koch, who is one half of the Democratic Party’s favorite evil scapegoat, the Koch brothers. You can watch the full interview in the two videos below.

Despite the fact that the Kochs provide tens of thousands of people with jobs and contribute millions of dollars to causes which are supported by liberals, the left’s attacks on the Kochs have been relentless in recent years.

Harry Reid has singled out the Kochs on the senate floor hundreds of times. Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and many liberals in media have piled on as well.

The first interview segment gives viewers some background on the Koch family and the successful business they built as well as their company practices which are actually quite forward-thinking.

Koch suggests that it’s possible for employees to make more than their managers if they’re successful and that even as CEO, he is subject to an annual performance review.

The segment concludes with Koch saying that he opposes all forms of corporate welfare and that free trade is the best way to bring people out of poverty.

The second half of the interview deals with politics and the attacks from Democrats. Megyn Kelly asks him if he believes the smears from Obama are beneath the dignity of the office of the president, which he affirms.

Koch laughs and says “definitely” when asked if the Democrats have tried to make boogeymen out of him and his brother. “That’s a full time job on their part.”

Koch also acknowledges that he’s received death threats but that he’s doing what he can to make the country better.

When pressed on his political views, Koch says that he’s a Classical Liberal and explains that he believes all people should be allowed to live in peace and improve their lives as they see fit.

In fact, he suggests that Republicans are hurtling America towards a financial cliff just as the Democrats are, only at a slightly slower pace.

Featured image via YouTube.


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