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Cartoonist A.F. Branco Interview: “I like to focus on the hyprocrisy of the left”

Cartoonist A.F. Branco Interview: “I like to focus on the hyprocrisy of the left”

“At least I was venting”

A.F. Branco’s cartoons have been on fire.

Branco’s Hamas-Kerry-Netanyahu cartoon went global during the summer of 2014, and even was mentioned by Ted Cruz during the CNN Republican presidential debate last month.

The recent “It’s a Clock” cartoon has received enormous sharing.

So it was good to hear his views in this interview by Hank Giesecke of Patriot Network TV. Spoiler: He makes the rest of us sound like RINOs.

Branco has a book coming out soon, as he mentions at the end of the interview.

While there is no link yet, here’s a little promo image that might get you interested:

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“I like to focus on the hypocrisy of the left.”

And that’s a target rich environment, if there ever was one.

Branco is the best.

Mr Branco, your work exposes the grasping venality of leftism. I look forward to buying your book.

Henry Hawkins | October 4, 2015 at 10:23 pm

I meant to add specific kudos to Mr. B for a great body of work, a major feature for Legal Insurrection.

I shall call you “The Carpenter” because you nail it every time.

While the Left’s pro-choice “religious” doctrine guarantees a highly elusive target inside their frame of reference, expanding the context to avoid its innate prejudice, it becomes evident that bigotry is an integral component of its moral foundation. Good luck!

    Vascaino in reply to n.n. | October 5, 2015 at 8:52 am

    Branco has mentioned hypocrisy, you have mentioned bigotry, so how about including Taqiyya.
    If it is good enough for Islam to advance irself why not for the use of Democrats to advance their agenda?

Branco, your cartoons are spot-on.

The interview was just what we needed. It gave us an excellent picture of the man behind the depicted wit.

Your new coffee table book will make quite an impression during Thanksgiving and Christmas time when my four grown kids come home with their friends.

Stay witty my friend.

Dear Legal Insurrection,

Will you be providing us a “buy link” so we may use our purchases to benefit L.I.?

I would be most happy to purchase (a predecided event) Mr. Branco’s book here.

Love this guy.

I’m a big fan of Branco. I can’t wait to get the book.

When Cruz mentioned the cartoon during the debate, I said to the computer screen, “Hey that was Branco’s! Give him credit!”

Thank you very much for the kind and supportive comments. I will keep you posted on when the book will be available for pre-order.