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Calls Grow for Hillary to Apologize for VA Comments

Calls Grow for Hillary to Apologize for VA Comments

Playing politics with veterans.

Last week on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show, Hillary Clinton downplayed recent scandals at the Department of Veterans Affairs which resulted in the deaths of vets who were waiting for care.

Since then, a growing chorus is calling for Clinton to apologize. CNN reports:

Veterans’ groups fire back at Clinton’s VA comments

Some veterans groups are firing back after a comment Hillary Clinton made about the Department of Veterans Affairs scandal. The former secretary of state suggested in an interview late last week that the controversy which shook the VA last year was overblown, and Republicans used it to serve their own agenda.

“It’s not been as widespread as it has been made out to be,” Clinton said Friday on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” when asked about the scandal and how she would fix the VA.

Yet the federal government’s own report contradicts Clinton’s remarks.

The VA’s inspector general concluded inappropriate scheduling practices at VA medical centers were “systemic” in 2014, after a CNN investigation revealed veterans were dying while waiting for care on “secret” lists at the Phoenix VA. The scandal led to the resignation of then-VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.

Paul Rieckhoff, founder and CEO of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, or IAVA, called her comments a “head-scratcher” firing off this response on Twitter.

“That is not a winning argument — or factually correct,” he said.

Last night on Special Report, Ed Henry of FOX News covered the issue:

Twitchy has compiled a great round-up of reactions to Hillary’s comments:

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legacyrepublican | October 28, 2015 at 8:36 am

A couple of dead diplomats or a couple of dead veterans, “what difference does it make?”

Oh, I think’s really Melissa Harris-Perry doing her Hillary impersonation.

I’m confident the abuse of vets continues today, and will tomorrow.

The VA can’t be what it should be. It will be what it IS, and that’s a BIG GOVERNMENT bureaucracy that happens to hold the health and life of vets in its sway. It will always sicken and kill them in its current iteration.

Break it down! Let us have vouchers, and we’ll take care of our own care.


(Oh, and America? If you elect Hellary, you can pretty much just hire Canada’s Army, ’cause there won’t be much left of America’s.)

    amwick in reply to Ragspierre. | October 28, 2015 at 9:23 am

    The 70 + year old Vets that I know do use private healthcare. These are people that had good jobs after their service, with actual retirement benefits. I have to sympathize with those that don’t have this option. God help them. How could Hillary keep a straight face when she just brushed them all under the rug? I would go farther than vouchers though, I would want Vets to have 100% healthcare for life, forget the VA.

To paraphrase Stalin: 4 dead is a tragedy, 300,000 dead is a statistic. Apparently, that’s Hillary’s take on it.

Time to shut down the entire VA. End Obamacare and give vets vouchers to see the nearest physician.

Using the words “Hillary” and “apologize” in the same sentence….that’s quite the fantasy you’ve got going there, Aleister.

you need to understand, she is playing to her base, she knows that the vets will not vote democratic as a group. don’t isolate this comment, it is all part of the plan to energize her base, will she tack toward the center maybe a little, but more than likely not.

the VA is everything wrong with government health care, and they just want to keep it up.

American Human | October 28, 2015 at 10:12 am

How dare the IG report generated months ago contradict the statement Hillary made just the other day!! When she is cornated, he will be the first…”Off with his head! You know, sentence first, then the trial!”

Retired from the Navy in 1997 in Norfolk, VA, not sure where I would end up, but had heard enough horror stories from former shipmates about their dealings with the VA to persuade me to walk away from the military (Tricare) and veteran healthcare mechanisms. Had no problem with saying thank you for the thought, but there are others who need it more than I, so please take care of them. Had no service-related disabilities (was encouraged to apply for screening, though, was told by checking-out physician that I could’ve got up to 40% for hearing loss and knees), didn’t want to take away from others that don’t have the resources that I had. Sad to see the disinterest that bureaucracy has fostered; some vets and their dependents are whiny, time-consuming drains on resources, so treat them all like they probably are as well. As a current Federal employee, sticks in my craw that these jackasses aren’t held to account, and they and their “leadership” don’t care. There are good sites, managed correctly, with motivated and concerned staff. Those sites are easily overwhelmed by all of the negative publicity that management apparently doesn’t have the will to change. Sorry for the long post.

“Because once you have the blood of 4 dead Americans on your hands,300,000 vets dying while waiting doesn’t seem bad”

I think we have a winner!

The VA’s an exaggeration today; it’ll be her top priority tomorrow. What it really is is one more catastrophic governmental failure driven by an immense bureaucratic monstrosity. The answer to McCain’s question, ‘what would she say to the family of those who died waiting for treatment?’ is out there for everyone to see in her response to the families of Doherty, Stevens, Woods, and Smith. She’s no longer simply disgusting, she’s repulsive.

The VA, gun control, campus rape, Benghazi, email server, feminism, racism, the war in Iraq, Hillary Clinton is like the tide; back and forth, up and down, in and out, four times a day, day after day, month after month, season after season, year after year. The only thing you know for sure is that she’ll be there, either coming or going. What a bore. (With apologies to the tides.)

Who cares if she ‘apologizes?’ It would be disingenuous anyway, and give the the scummy, incompetent, frightening woman a way out of her sociopathic behavior.

No apology is coming, and none will be accepted.

Sammy Finkelman | October 28, 2015 at 4:14 pm

There could be more to the Veterans Affairs scandal than we know if she feels it necessary to help cover things up..

    Sammy: My guess is she simply doesn’t know much about the issue at all and is winging it. She is still preening herself after the Benghazi hearing and feels she can say anything she damn well wants, with impunity. And I think she’s right.

Well, how does the saying go….we need to pay good money for good people?

For example, VA regional director Michael Moreland received a bonus of approximately $63,000 and a five-page performance evaluation that made no mention of an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease that led to the deaths of six veterans and illness for 21 others at a Pittsburgh VHA hospital for which Moreland was responsible.

Henry Hawkins | October 28, 2015 at 7:33 pm

Hillary’s recent column explaining how she’s a fun person:

(begin quote)


By Hillary Clinton

I am fun.

I enjoy fun. I both have fun and can be fun. Fun is a word that accurately describes me and a large quantity of things of which I am fond. I appreciate fun when I encounter it, and I have even been known to partake in activities that produce fun for myself and others. Fun is something I often have when amongst a group of people. In such situations, I am capable of amusing others and, in turn, of being amused by them.

Thus, I am a fun person.

Perhaps it would be helpful for me to provide an example of a fun thing I do. I take part in levity. I enjoy jokes, which are fun. When the occasion presents itself, I have been known to make jokes of my own, thereby creating fun for those around me. This is because, like many other people I encounter, I have a sense of humor. A sense of humor is crucial to having fun and to being fun. When situations are humorous, I signal my recognition of the fun by laughing, just as you do. Just as most people do.

Although stating that I am fun and that I like fun establishes these qualities of my character sufficiently, I can also cite several instances in which I have demonstrated my fun side in public forums. I have been fun on broadcasts of late-night television programs. I have been fun on multiple social media platforms, wherein I can also be witnessed taking a carefree approach to life. If you have observed me in one of these settings, you have likely already concluded that I am a fun individual.

Furthermore, as indirect evidence of the fact that I have a fun disposition, I do not like things that are not fun.

Among my activities and areas of interest, I have identified several that strongly indicate I possess the quality of being fun. They are as follows: Recreation. Smiling. Entertainment of all kinds. Meeting people. Local sports teams. Mainstream popular culture. My friends, who are numerous and include Dianne Feinstein, Colin Powell, Tim Geithner, and Tony Blair. Fun books. Travel. Exercise. Chatting.

Being a grandparent is fun. It is also a way in which I am similar to others. This is a fun topic through which I can connect with many people. My grandchild’s name is as follows:


Did I mention that I enjoy free time? Free time is when I generally have the fun I have mentioned above, and when I am the most fun myself. This is not to say I am not fun at other times, because I can be fun in any context as long as it is not inappropriate to do so. But I have found that free time is among the best times for fun. Do you agree? Perhaps this is yet another way in which you and I are similar.

You have seen how fun I can be, and that I do not take myself too seriously. Because of this, I am relatable.

I have completed my argument, but I would like to reiterate the fact that I take pleasure in having fun and being fun, just like the majority of Americans. Americans such as yourself. Now that I have presented adequate evidence for the existence of my fun, accessible nature, there will be no need to revisit this subject going forward. Thank you.

I am fun.

(end quote)


This was emailed to me with just the column and no mention that it’s from The Onion. Such is Hillary’s, ahem, happy-go-lucky personality that I got into the third paragraph believing she actually wrote it.

Hillary booed in NYC

“Hero Fireman Slams Phony Hillary

Hero New York City firefighter Mike Moran, who thrilled a Madison Square Garden concert audience Saturday night when he taunted Osama bin Laden with the words, “Kiss my royal Irish ass!” slammed New York Senator Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, saying she’s a transparent phony.

“I think when times are good and things are going well, people will sit there and listen to the kind of claptrap that comes out of her mouth,” Moran said, in an interview with number one radio talker Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh had asked Moran why he thought the Garden audience booed Mrs. Clinton off the stage when she tried to introduce a video clip by comic Jerry Seinfeld. The hero fireman didn’t hesitate to offer an explanation.

“When things are going like this, when it’s serious times and serious men who actually suffered losses and she wants to get up and spew her nonsense — she doesn’t believe a thing she says. She says whatever she thinks will fit the moment.”

Moran told Limbaugh that Mrs. Clinton’s phoniness is transparent. “I think it comes through. And in serious times, people don’t want to stand for it.”

Moran said he wasn’t a hero. But instead praised the men of Ladder Company Number 3 in Manhattan, 12 of whom, including Moran’s brother, perished while trying to rescue burn victims from the fortieth floor of World Trade Center Tower One.

“The captain, Paddy Brown, gave a report from the North Tower that they had 30 to 40 severely burned people that they were trying to get down the stairs,” Moran told Limbaugh.

“A few minutes later, he gave the most urgent kind of message a fireman could give — a mayday that the building was coming down around him.”

Moran said the building didn’t fully collapse for another ten minutes, more than enough time for his colleagues to escape certain death.

But, said the fireman, “they wouldn’t leave those people.”

“I can’t allow myself to be compared to those true heroes,” the he told Limbaugh.”


Not only has Hillary thrown the Bemghazi victims, and their loved ones, under the bus, thrown Veterans under the bus but it appears that she threw the WTC victims of 9/11 under the bus.

Hey, Hillary, how many funerals did you attend for the victims of 9/11?

Typo- Benghazi

Tell us, Hillary, how much you cared for your constituents of NY as Senator. How many funerals?