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Branco Cartoon – Horrible

Branco Cartoon – Horrible

Politics As Usual

A.F. Branco Cartoon revisited from earlier this year.

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but dead right.

Good work as usual, Branco. They self-righteously bemoan what they themselves cause. Does Obama or his tools ever think for one nanosecond that keeping that pot of hatred boiling may be contributing to this trend? There appear to have been more mass murders under Obama than any other President, at least in my lifetime. There is a lot to be said for cause and effect.

Obama is such a phony when it comes to gun control he knew that is was a losing issue so he did not try anything until Sandy Hook when Bloomberg put him in a choke hold and forced him to do “something”! He/they could not even get the bills through a Democratic Senate!! Oh and by the way the bills they were trying to pass would NOT have stopped Sandy Hook shooting.
For Obama this is nothing but a political game and you can tell that by the way he acts! Let do something….. The progressive mantra