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Branco Cartoon – DNCBC Debate


legacyrepublican | October 30, 2015 at 9:17 am

Title of this brilliant artwork: “Fairass in Media”

You would never recognize the debate, nor the original remarks from the candidates, as found in this column.

Another Disingenuous column by Gail Collins, New York Times

We need to call out these nasty people, every time.

Gail Collins is no more truthful that Rachel Maddow, and both of them should be banned from the public fora, for lying.

Oh, but that is what the public is doing, as the audience for the NYT and MSNBC continues to shrink.

Good piece. But where is the image of Pee Wee Prebus sitting alongside those corrupt hacks?

BTW, why does Pee Wee still have a job?

Why are all of these LYING ( So-Called ) Journalists allowed to be published when not reporting the truth. Why are regressives allowed to continue in their jobs ?Prebus, should have been replaced when you had over 100 % in given areas voting for Obama. He did nothing. What kind of party leader is he ?