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Branco Cartoon – Democratic Socialism Explained


casualobserver | October 19, 2015 at 8:50 am

No doubt Bernie wants the noose. But I think Hillary just wants capitalism bound and shackled to be perfectly under the control of the whimsy of the elected class for everything, including the basics of life. Maybe with a little S&M thrown in…..

The implications of the two moral axioms: individual dignity and intrinsic (i.e. exceptional) value are clear; but, the Left recognizes neither principle, implying that they harbor ulterior motives which are a cause of progressive corruption.

End class diversity schemes that denigrate individual dignity.

End elective abortion that debases human life.

End Planned Parenthood/clinical cannibalism because… well, that should be self-evident.

Then we can in good faith discuss reconciliation of individual dignity, intrinsic value, and natural imperatives.

The Bernie Hill show…
If capitalism goes, then the bottom has dropped out!