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Anchors Aweigh Week at College Insurrection

Anchors Aweigh Week at College Insurrection

Your weekly report on campus culture.

Students at Pitzer College were told they can’t form a yacht club and you’ll never guess why.

Meanwhile, on other college campuses…

Nothing deemed offensive will be allowed.

Remember free speech?

Compare and contrast…

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Apparently that’s the catch-all excuse to ban anything the powers-that-be on a college don’t like: It’s “offensive.” Nothing else needs to be said. Feelings trump all, I guess.

I’ll be waiting for colleges to ban fraternities on the grounds that they’re “offensive” too. Because once you make feelings the standard for determining what’s allowed and what isn’t, there’s no limit to the powers of the busybodies to decide what students can and can’t do in college.

So, students can’t form a yachting club, because of its allegedly “privileged” undertones, yet, the revered Leftist deity, Obozo, plays more golf than anyone who isn’t a professional; that’s not elitist in nature? Hundreds of acres of land tended and landscaped and irrigated for the sole purpose of providing a playing field, plus, equipment costing thousands of dollars? Funny how he dropped his populist photo-op pick-up basketball routine as soon as he became President and picked up his golf clubs with alacrity.

Any reason why my comment was deleted?

They chose the wrong name, they should have called it the beer, babes and boats club. Approval would have been quick.

Let those ignoramuses first explain the Obamas living like billionaires on our dime.

What’s really offensive? Pritzger college ‘senators.’ Dumb brats.