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What happened to Abilene Police Officer Don Allen?

What happened to Abilene Police Officer Don Allen?

War on cops?

Do Cops’ lives matter?

The answer wasn’t so obvious to whoever murdered Abilene, Texas-based Officer Don Allen.

Allen, 27, was found dead in his Abilene-area home Monday evening. Investigators found nothing to suggest that the killing was a random act of terror against police officers in general, but are treating the death as a suspicious homicide.

More from Fox News:

At a news conference Tuesday, Abliene Police Chief Stan Standridge described Allen’s death as “suspicious” and said the FBI, ATF, and the Texas Rangers were among the agencies investigating the case. Standridge did not specify exactly how Allen died, but said that multiple leads were being investigated and multiple motives were being considered. The Tarrant County medical examiner was due to conduct an autopsy on Allen’s body.

“I cannot recall an Abilene police officer being murdered,” Standridge said. “And so when this happens in our own domicile, our own residence, the first thought is fear. When it occurs in the home, it really lets you know that nothing is sacred.”

Despite Allen’s death, Standridge said there was no indication of any threat to the community, nor was there any indication “that random law enforcement personnel are being targeted.”

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller took to Facebook to denounce the violence, saying, “[m]ay Officer Allen rest in peace wrapped in the loving arms of his creator.”

This comes in the wake of the brutal execution-style murder of Texas sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth by suspect Shannon J. Miles:

Miles is charged with capital murder in the killing of Goforth, who was pumping gas into his patrol car Friday when a man approached from behind and shot him 15 times, a prosecutor said Monday.

Goforth was found in a pool of blood next to his patrol car, which he had been filling up with gas at the time of this death, District Attorney Devon Anderson said.

Surveillance video of the shooting shows Miles wearing a white T-shirt, red shorts and tennis shoes as he walks up behind Goforth, Anderson said.

“He puts a gun to the back of his head and shoots,” Anderson said, describing the video. Even when Goforth hits the ground, Miles “continues to unload his gun,” she said.

“The gun holds 14 in the magazine and one in the chamber,” Anderson told reporters after the hearing. “He unloaded the entire pistol into Deputy Goforth.”

We’ll keep you updated as these cases progress.


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“No threat to the community” implies a domestic dispute or something personal. If it were an anti-cop assassination, there would be a threat to the community.

It is far too soon to start speculating about the motive behind Officer Allen’s homicide. No evidence has yet been released to justify linking his death to the others. This is just fear-mongering and pot-stirring, IMO.

If there’s no threat to the community, the police have speculated on motive.

    Anonamom in reply to Petrushka. | September 2, 2015 at 10:52 am

    Sorry, I wasn’t clear in my comment. I don’t think that people who write blogs should be trying to increase their clicks by speculating about Officer Allen’s death. It’s nauseating.

    The police, on the other hand, have access to the evidence. What they are doing is not speculating, but keeping their constituency informed. That’s their job and God bless them for doing it in today’s world.

Paul In Sweden | September 3, 2015 at 5:22 am

Shocking New Details in the Murder of Texas Police Officer Don Allen | The John Cardillo Show on 1290 WJNO
Texas Law Enforcement sources have told me that the crime scene of off duty Abilene, Texas Police Officer Don Allen’s murder included anti-cop slurs written in blood.


Two “persons of interest” were taken into custody and charged with murder in the death of an off-duty Abilene police officer, Abilene Police said Thursday.

Violet Walter (30) and Philip Walter (29) were charged with first degree murder Thursday evening, according to Abilene Police chief Stan Standridge.

Police were seeking two “persons of interest” earlier Thursday and described them as a “tall, thin white man” and a “dark-haired, heavy-set Hispanic woman.” Standridge said police do not believe there are any additional suspects in the case.

The Walters were linked to stolen property in Allen’s home, police said.

Still nothing as to motive.