Scott Walker has a 6 p.m. Eastern press conference, at which he is expected to drop out of the race according to numerous news reports, such as this from the NY Times.

His speech:

Before the conference:

Walker never survived the Trump storm. The turning point was the Fox News debate, when Walker was a non-entity. Others, like Cruz and Rubio, have held their ground in the polls as Walker disappeared.

As readers know, we were Walker fans since way back when. As I stated in Scott Walker has fallen, hoping he gets back up:

Life is not fair, and neither are election cycles. It may be that people are looking for something Walker is not capable of selling. That would be unfortunate, but no one said politics is fair.

I have little doubt that as President, Walker would deliver more of the body blows that so endeared him to us. It won’t be fluff, and it won’t be showmanship….

But it’s not to be. So be it. Like Rick Perry, Walker couldn’t make the transition from excellent conservative governor to excellent conservative national political candidate.

There is a ton of gloating on Twitter. Walker shouldn’t get mad. When Walker goes back to Wisconsin, Walker should get even by finishing the job he has started.


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