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Pronoun Problems Week at College Insurrection

Pronoun Problems Week at College Insurrection

Your weekly report from the world of higher education.

With all the problems facing higher education right now, why are pronouns such a hot issue?

Pronouns aren’t the only troubling words.

Statues are apparently also a big problem.

There is some push back.

This week’s lesson from Prager University seems especially appropriate.

Some schools are having legal issues.

Compare and contrast.

Reminder: Higher education is controlled by liberals.

The future is here.

When life gives you lemons…



He’ll probably fit right in.

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Re: Gender Neutral Pronouns Come to Harvard

In a selfless show of bipartisanship, I’m willing to adopt neutral pronouns.

Just as soon as our schools support neutral race policies, neutral gender policies, neutral ideological policies, neutral commencement speaker policies, neutral political policies, neutral free speech policies, neutral due process policies …

Quick! Give me two pronouns!

Who? Me?

(Courtesy of Benny Hill)

All this for a damn pronoun?