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Progressive Policies Week at College Insurrection

Progressive Policies Week at College Insurrection

Your weekly report from the world of higher education.

America’s top progressive recently lectured college kids for being too politically correct.

The students at Liberty University are respectful of opposing viewpoints.

Which of these progressive policies does Obama disagree with?

This is how bad it’s gotten.

You can’t even sneeze.

And what’s going on at Yale?

Time for an economics lesson.

Due process update.

Compare and contrast.

Department of Fine Arts.

Higher education.

The free market.

Parenting 101.

Not who you think.

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Found an interesting site from Middle East Forum, kind of competing with College Insurrection, monitoring Middle East studies on campus.

“Howler of the Month Archive”

“We Couldn’t Have Said it Better”

What is the largest font size we can use for “hypocrisy”?

Superb work, Aleister and contributors. I recommend CI (& LI, of course) to the people I meet on the train and to my family and friends.