Pope Francis continued his American tour, touching down in Philadelphia this morning to ride by Fiat-motorcade to the downtown Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul and celebrating Mass for about 1,600 people.

In his homily, the papal homily encouraged a greater role for women and laity:

The pope stopped by a nearby seminary for a rest after presiding over a Mass at Philadelphia’s cathedral in the morning, where he called on women and youth to play a greater role in strengthening the Catholic Church in America, while keeping the institution’s existing authority in place.

In his homily, the pope singled out the story of Katharine Drexel, a Philadelphia-born heiress who became a nun and then, after her death, a saint. Pope Francis told the story of how Drexel had asked Pope Leo XIII for help with American missions and the pope replied, ‘What are you going to do?’

At Philadelphia’s Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, Pope Francis repeated that question in Spanish, “y tu?” — and what about you? — again and again as he reflected on the church’s role in a changing society and urged the faithful to support women and youth.

However, his earlier stops have already had their repercussions. One incident involves a congressman with a mistaken concept of “holy water”.

A congressman stole the water glass Pope Francis was drinking out of during his address at the White House on Thursday.

Representative Bob Brady, a devout Catholic and Democrat from Pennsylvania immediately made his way to the podium after Pope Francis finished speaking and grabbed the glass that was still filled with water.

He then drank the water, gave some of the water to his wife Debra, and saved the rest for his grandchildren.

Representative Brady took photos as well, and had his staff send them out to the press.

Given the amount of joy that liberals have expressed at the papal addresses covering such topics as global warming and the death penalty, one has to wonder if there isn’t some amount of Kool-Aid in the glass. Slate is positively gleeful at the thought of Pope Francis “scaring” conservatives:

Republican legislators who attended Pope Francis’ address to Congress were apparently relieved that he didn’t threaten them with fire and brimstone, and that he said that human activity is causing “environmental deterioration,” rather than using the dreaded words “climate change” or “global warming.” What remains clear, however, is that they won’t listen to anyone about this subject – not the overwhelming majority of scientists, not economists, not public policy analysts, and not the world’s most famous religious leader. As Marsha Blackburn, who ranks second on the House Energy Committee, declared, in connection with the pope’s address, “I don’t think you will see me being persuaded.”

Actually, Pope Francis isn’t scaring conservatives as much as angering those who don’t align with his geopolitical views. The papal remarks on the Iran deal are a prime example of the type of statement that conservatives in the Catholic Church find disconcerting:

Pope Francis offered his clearest praise yet for the international nuclear deal with Iran, in a speech before the United Nations General Assembly.

The deal “is proof of the potential of political good will and of law, exercised with sincerity, patience and constancy,” the pope said before a gathering of hundreds of global diplomats, according to an English translation of his prepared remarks.

“I express my hope that this agreement will be lasting and efficacious, and bring forth the desired fruits with the cooperation of all the parties involved,” he added.

“There is urgent need to work for a world free of nuclear weapons, in full application of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, in letter and spirit, with the goal of a complete prohibition of these weapons.”

Francis’s comments about the nuclear pact came before an extended portion on the “negative effects of military and political interventions,” which appeared to echo the Obama administration’s assertion that the only alternative to the agreement is military action.

The Iran Deal is a complete disaster, as Legal Insurrection has pointed out numerous times in detail. An while Pope Francis puts his faith in Iranian good will and of the honest application of law, the truth is that neither will be forthcoming.

Pope Francis asked the US Congress to “stop the polarization“. Sadly, I sense his visit has created quite a bit more of it within his own church, because many Catholics willcontinue fighting against policy based on bad science and decrying agreements with bad actors.

I must admit, I am looking forward to the end of his visit to the US very much. He seems to have given his blessing to nearly every liberal ideal that has undermined this country in recent years.


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