Back in July, South Carolina Governor Haley’s choices in the wake of the Charleston shootings led many to wonder if she’d be a good choice for VP on the Republican ticket. Now, there’s new speculation.

William Douglas and David Lightman of McClatchy reported:

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley fuels Republican VP talk

Is she selling the New South or auditioning for a 2016 presidential campaign spot?

Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina is generating buzz that she’d be in the mix for the Republican vice presidential spot in 2016, following her successful handling of the removal of the Confederate flag from the statehouse grounds after the shooting deaths of nine African-Americans inside a historic Charleston church.

Appearing Wednesday at the National Press Club, Haley teetered between deflective and receptive to the VP talk, at first dismissing it as a way-too-early political exercise, given that 17 Republicans are still elbowing each other to win the Republican presidential nomination.

“I’m not wasting any energy or any time thinking about that because I’ve got too much to do,” she said after her speech. “I’m trying to continue to heal the state, we’re trying to get back on track because we lost time, getting ready for a legislative session. . . . I’ve got a son in middle school, I got a daughter who’s a senior in high school, I’ve a husband who just came back from Afghanistan.”

This Associated Press video highlights Haley’s appearance at the National Press Club where she spoke about minority outreach for the GOP and other issues. It includes a VP question:

For anyone who’s wondering whether or not Haley would appeal to conservative Republican primary voters, here’s a recent story from Andrew Shain of The State:

Gov. Nikki Haley requests review of S.C. abortion clinics

Gov. Nikki Haley asked South Carolina’s health regulatory agency Tuesday to investigate practices at the state’s three abortion clinics after recent controversies about Planned Parenthood.

In a letter to S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control director Catherine Heigel, Haley asks the agency to “engage in a prompt and comprehensive investigation of the policies and practices of abortion clinics in our state, prioritizing those affiliated with or owned by Planned Parenthood, its subsidiaries, and its affiliates.”

DHEC oversees the state’s abortion clinics, including one in Columbia run by Planned Parenthood. Other clinics are in Charleston and Greenville.

“Over the past weeks, I have been shocked by recent accounts of unethical practices at clinics affiliated with Planned Parenthood, particularly those regarding the sale of human fetal tissue,” Haley wrote.

Featured image via YouTube.


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