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NBC forms partnership with a Democratic Political Firm

NBC forms partnership with a Democratic Political Firm

Can we consider NBC a lefty blog now?

Earlier today, we shared a story unearthed by The American Mirror that exposed USA Today political reporter Madeleine Behr. Though Behr is covering Scott Walker’s presidential campaign, she signed a petition to recall the Wisconsin Governor in 2011.

“The leftist media!” might be a tired line, but as we discussed this morning, it’s no less true today than it was in years past. It’s an issue that grows increasingly more concerning with each new Democratic-operative-masquerading-as-objective-reporter byline.

Gone are the days when progressive skew was subtle, we are now in a time where though they refuse to admit it outright, legacy media behemoths are intentionally aligning themselves with Democratic party operatives. But they’re still fair and objective, of course…

NBC recently dropped major coin when it bought stakes in Buzzfeed and Vox Media, and now the network has entered into a partnership with a Democratic political firm.

According to the Washington Examiner, NBC’s latest alliance is with TargetSmart, a political data firm that also works with the DNC:

NBC News is partnering with TargetSmart, a political data firm founded by Democrats that was also hired by the Democratic National Committee to provide voter information for the 2016 election.

The partnership between NBC News and TargetSmart is intended to “enhance election coverage and study the voting process in America in depth,” according to a Tuesday press release from NBC.

Data provided by TargetSmart, which was founded in 2006 by veteran Democratic operatives Jeff Ferguson and Paula Kowalczuk, will allow NBC News “to perform non-partisan analysis, research voting habits, and identify voting trends at the state and local levels,” the release said.

But TargetSmart is also in business with the DNC, all the way through the 2016 election. In August 2014, the data firm announced that it had been hired by the DNC to “to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot and across the nation.”

TargetSmart’s CEO Drew Brighton said at the time, “We continue to enhance and innovate the Democratic Party’s data infrastructure, which will allow the Democratic Party to maintain their strategic advantage …”

TargetSmart is working with the DNC to ensure election of Democratic candidates, but I’m sure that will have absolutely no bearing on NBC’s election coverage, nor the GOP presidential debates the network will be hosting…

Ultimately the difference between establishment press and new media: one owns their bias, the other maliciously feigns objectivity.

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Subotai Bahadur | September 9, 2015 at 5:24 pm

It is simply a matter of correcting an oversight. ABC, CBS, and CNN have blood or marriage connections inside the White House.

NBC is just making sure that they have the all important connections that place you above the law in Obama’s America.

Sadly that last is not /sarc

This kind of incestuous inbreeding should expose NBC to electioneering advocacy laws.

Seems to me.

Glenn Reynolds has been calling them “democrat operatives with bylines” for years now:

And in this case, it’s even more literally true than usual!

Classically trained professional ……. well you know the rest.

Amazing the money they are sinking into Vox, which has been perhaps the most-mocked and most-corrected site pretending to do news stories. But it’s a step toward full disclosure.

That’s the most we can ever hope for, that they all openly acknowledge their connections to the left. Fortunately, old media is dying steadily, helping the process along by destroying their own credibility.