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Kasich Cuts a Rug

Kasich Cuts a Rug

Footloose and fancy-free

Ohio Governor John Kasich was caught on camera showing off his dance moves on Mackinac Island, Michigan Saturday night. Or at least we’re told this is supposed to count as dancing:

The video was posted by American Bridge, a progressive SuperPAC.

According to

A Republican presidential candidate last won That State Up North in 1988.

John Kasich thinks he could change that. Touting his blue-collar upbringing, he made his case Saturday at a major Republican conference on Michigan’s island playground between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas.

He also danced.

Stories of Kasich cutting a rug at a local bar on Friday night – while the Michigan lieutenant governor played keys and sang lead vocals; not kidding – were popping up among the 2,300 GOP activists in town. So Saturday afternoon, at a bar reception with upwards of 150 people, Kasich asked aides to turn on “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon.

With a backdrop of college volunteers, Kasich bobbed his head to warm up. And then, for about 10 seconds, he danced, shuffling and churning his arms. The failure of two Ohio journalists to capture this on video is one of the greatest crises of the primary season. For some reason, campaign aides declined to remedy this by sharing any visual documentation.

Maybe Kasich was trying to win support, any support, after his performance in last week’s GOP presidential debate?

According to a poll conducted by One America News/Gravis Marketing immediately after the CNN debate, 11% of respondents thought Kasich lost the debate. Only Trump and Paul polled worse.

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Regardless, Kasich is still a better dancer than Hillary. Though that’s not saying much.

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Magna cum laude graduate of the Elaine Benes School of Dancing,

Kasich better watch out, that’s a dangerous place. It’s like the Wild West, a rough and lawless island where only the strong survive to enjoy the fudge. Recently a Ron Paul adviser and a Rubio adviser went at it in one of those very saloons.

Don’t believe the MSM accounts of that death-match. Get the gritty and unvarnished truth from the hard-drinkin’, hard-lovin’ men who try to keep the peace in that hellhole:

Who is John Kasich and what is ‘Ohio’?

buckeyeminuteman | September 22, 2015 at 2:16 pm

He’s been a good governor, at the state level. However, his political leanings towards things that pertain to national politics are lackluster at best. Also, no Ohioan willingly goes to that State up North!

    Henry Hawkins in reply to buckeyeminuteman. | September 22, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    Heh, Michigan native and lifelong Wolverine/Spartan fan here. If I had a time machine – and I’m working on one out in my little shop – first place, er, time I’d go to is the Bo & Woody Era.

      buckeyeminuteman in reply to Henry Hawkins. | September 23, 2015 at 1:02 pm

      Agreed. M!ch!g@n has been so horrible lately that the rivalry isn’t as fun anymore. I’d like for them to be the #2 team so the game is exciting and it makes my Buckeyes look that much better. Plus, the SEC is way overrated, their time in the spotlight needs to end.

Not surprise the Gov can dance. He used to hit the clubs with his pal Gary Condit.