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Is Migrant Crisis leading Balkans into another civil war?

Is Migrant Crisis leading Balkans into another civil war?

35 million migrants heading to Europe, says Hungary’s Foreign Minister

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s grandstanding might have secured her accolades from the German left or bolstered her chances for the Nobel Peace Prize, but her moves have also mobilized millions of migrants from Middle East and North Africa towards Europe that now not only threaten European Union’s integrity, but could also destabilize the Balkan countries by reigniting old border conflicts.

According to Hungary’s foreign minister Peter Szijjártó, 35 million migrants are now on their way to Europe. In his opinion, it is not a migrant crisis but “a massive migration of nations.” The minister defended his country’s decision to start the work on a second fence to deter migrants from entering its borders through the Balkans.

Historically, the Balkans in south-eastern Europe has been the most volatile area in Europe; stretching back to the Balkan wars of 1912 and 1913 that eventually led to the WWI, and recently erupting into Yugoslavia Wars lasting over 10 year from 1991-2001.

The unfolding migrant crisis is putting this unstable region under strains never seen before. The latest dispatch from the Balkans in the German Daily DIE WELT reads more like a family squabble waiting to erupt [author’s translation]:

Hungary and Serbia are up in arms with each other, Serbia and Croatia are squabbling too. Slovenia is taking Croatia severely to task. And the fact that both Macedonia and Serbia are letting through more and more refugees is not pleasing anyone in the North. The fight between the Balkan countries over the refugee is putting further pressure on already strained relations. Nobody know the solution to where [the refugee] should go. But they all agree on one thing: [Refugees] should not stay with them.

The article quoted EU Commissioner for “Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations” Johannes Hahn saying,“[Balkan countries] should not be turned into parking lots or no man’s land for refugees” — warning that it would be a “big geostrategic blunder.”

But that’s precisely what Germany has done. Germany’s unilateral suspension of Dublin Protocol mobilized migrants across Middle East and North Africa. Berlin’s subsequent backtracking and introduction of border controls have now created a dangerous bottleneck in the most ethnically unstable region in Europe.

Forget about the social unrest by disgruntled migrants in some distant (or near) future; Europe, already bursting at the seams, might turn on itself in border conflicts after telling the world — “were so 20th century.”

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I’m confused. This looks more like an invasion than a civil war.

    They’re separate countries. Any conflict is war-war. I’ve jokingly asked, what’s the EU going to do about it – send the tanks into Hungary? Well no, but they’re talking about fines. If they really start dishing fines out though, the EU itself may not last long.

    And the proper response to an invasion also solves the problem of where to put them. Shoot them dead and bury their remains. That will assure their assimilation into local agriculture.

It is amazing how supposedly intelligent people and their leaders would choose to destroy their own culture and sovereignty by welcoming a massive occupation by a people who will never assimmilate to their culture or political structures. The left here and in Europe have sought the destruction of their own countries and institutions for a long time. They are definitely winning in Europe.

The Left as an institution hates the west. They want it destroyed. This is just one more manifestation of this. Brit Liberals admitted their immigration policies were directly related to getting and keeping power. They ignore the crimes here in America with men like Unz claiming that illegals commit so few crimes it’s not worth counting.

In England they rape the children then literally blame the victims and families. It’s the same thing. This invasion will lead directly to more murdered women and children and when the backlash comes they will use that to add more draconian socialist controls.

It’s almost as if they had a plan.

It’s not something most Americans seem aware of, since we share little common history with the region, but the Balkans are a particularly sore spot when it comes to Muslim invasion.

The great legacy of the days of Turkish domination of the area is a hatred which remains incandescent to this day. The causes of that were not so much conquest and onerous taxation as the routine, even casual cruelties inflicted by the Turks when Christians were their victims. When Suleiman tried to take Vienna in 1529, the defenders sent the civilians away from the city for safety; unfortunately Suleiman’s Janissaries found them, and chopped them all to bits. Before retreating back home after their subsequent defeat at the walls of the city, the Turks threw their bound captives onto their campfires. Just a small sample of a dismally long list of gratuitous massacre and pain.

Centuries ago many in the Balkans converted to Islam specifically so that they could serve as tax collectors for the detested Ottomans. To the Christians in the area, they remain the vilest sort of traitors.

The history of pointless Muslim cruelty in the Balkans did finally end, but that wasn’t certain until the First Balkan War … in 1912. Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, and Montenegro had little trouble whipping the Turks (who were still Ottomans; the Ottomans would finally be defeated in Turkey itself by Mustafa Kemal in the 1920s). The Islamic forces made a slight return the next year, in the Second Balkan War, when Serbia and Greece fought Bulgaria. Romania joined in, apparently just for fun, and the Ottoman Empire managed to win a bit of territory back from Bulgaria. But the days when southeastern Europe was terrorized by Muslim hordes was finally over.

Or so it seemed …

It’s great fun to read Russian Jewish blogs. We are not particularly religious people, but there is general consensus that what we are witnessing here is divine retribution. See here:

    Sammy Finkelman in reply to edgeofthesandbox. | September 22, 2015 at 3:01 pm

    It’s in Russian! How are most people supposed to read it? Babblefish? WHat kind of retribution and for whom?

    And where is this blog based? I mean physically located.

      Sammy Finkelman in reply to Sammy Finkelman. | September 22, 2015 at 3:20 pm

      I can see responsibility of the part of Germany.

      All of the Islamic theology that says it is good to kill civilians belonging to whoever you are war with can be traced back to Imperial Germany and 1914 when Max von Oppenheim wrote fatwas saying that and had them translated into Arabic and Turkish and other languages from the original German.

      In Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story, published at the end of the war (1918), the American ambassador to Constantinople gives a vivid account of the proclamation and of one of the pamphlets preaching jihad that followed it. Soon after the Sultan’s declaration of war, Morgenthau writes,

      the Sheik-ul-Islam published his proclamation, summoning the whole Moslem world to arise and massacre their Christian oppressors. “Oh, Moslems,” concluded this document, “Ye who are smitten with happiness and are on the verge of sacrificing your life and your goods for the cause of right, […] gather now around the Imperial throne, obey the commands of the Almighty, who, in the Koran, promises us bliss in this and in the next world; embrace ye the foot of the Caliph’s throne and know ye that the state is at war with Russia, England, France, and their Allies, and that these are the enemies of Islam. The Chief of the believers, the Caliph, invites you all as Moslems to join in the Holy War!”

      The religious leaders read this proclamation to their assembled congregations in the mosques; all the newspapers printed it conspicuously; it was broadcast in all the countries which had a large Mohammedan population—India, China, Persia, Egypt, Algiers, Tripoli, Morocco, and the like; in all these places it was read to the assembled multitudes and the populace was exhorted to obey the mandate. The Ikdam [Iqdām], the Turkish newspaper which had passed into German ownership, was constantly inciting the masses. “The deeds of our enemies,” wrote this Turco-German editor, “have brought down the wrath of God. A gleam of hope has appeared. All Mohammedans, young and old, men, women and children, must fulfil their duty so that the gleam may not fade away, but give light to us for ever. How many great things can be accomplished by the arms of vigorous men, by the aid of others, of women and children!…

      See also:

      As an expert on the East, the Foreign Office asked him to summarise the many different strategic ideas floating around in the ministry. The result was his Denkschrift betreffend die Revolutionierung der islamischen Gebiete unserer Feinde (“Memorandum on revolutionizing the Islamic territories of our enemies”) of autumn 1914. The memo argued for enlisting the Sultan to call on the world’s Muslims to engage in a Holy War against the colonial powers, France and Great Britain. To develop the necessary propaganda, the Nachrichtenstelle für den Orient (Intelligence Bureau for the East) was established in Berlin. Oppenheim became its head.[1]:16,25

      (Imperial Germany, unlike a later regime, circulated propoaganda and promoted actions that it did not intend itself to use, and did not, in general, support: Communism in Russia; Mexico should make war against the United States to recover its lost territories; Moslems should kill citizens of Allied nations; Ireland should be independent, and so on.

      They are Israelis. And yes, it’s in Russian.

A crisis created and propagated through social activism, beginning with a premature evacuation from Iraq, followed by an “Arab Spring”, and now mass migration into what will be leftist managed and exploited ghettos or feudal estates. Forward to the past.

Sammy Finkelman | September 22, 2015 at 2:58 pm

proper response to an invasion also solves the problem of where to put them. Shoot them dead and bury their remains.

Then, of course, they would be no better, and in fact worse, than Bashir Assad r Saddam Hussein.

Immigration restrictions, when tested are not compatible with any form of humanitarians or any kind of concept of right and wrong, and it puts good and evil in reverse, and the consequences won’t be limted to immigration enforcement.

Immigration restrictions ultimately rely on the death penalty (when pressed to the limit) and the death ppenalty in fact is what is deterring more people, and they rely also on stealing or cheating the poor instead of helping them.

They also rely, when things don’t get to that point, on bluff and intimidation and lying to people.

And there are no two ways about it.

is just another formof totalitarianis

    “is just another formof totalitarianis” no it’s not. Totalitarianism is total control of the population of a country. It has nothing to do with foreigners.

    So Sammy how many muslim syrian families are living at your home. How many with your parents. Have you put out the my home has no borders and the doors are not locked or monitored signs in your yard yet?

      Sammy Finkelman in reply to Gary Britt. | September 22, 2015 at 3:42 pm

      They don’t need to live in anybody’s home. Just let the free market work.

      And there’s nothing to worry about. This is not how a terrorist group attempts to infiltrate people. They would lose control over them. Some would defect. They have far more severe security problems than anybody on our side. somehow the idea is being bruited about that anyone who joins them is committed (and that every Moslem that doesn’t join rhem is a supporter of something like that. They don’t even stick to their religion.)

      At least 58 Europeans who joined ISIS have defected. That’s the natural thing to expect.

      If 10% defect or are give themselves away, the organization is destroyed, and can’t do anything.

      To start an organization they have to do a lot of very careful gradual grooming, because this can tolerate informants and defections. They never would let people wander off on their own, free to talk to anyone, or fall in love.

      And above all, you would know if this was happening.

      There’s no need for speculation or Russian propaganda.

      It isn’t happening because this would not work.

      The current issue of Popular Science contains a story of an Iraqi jihadist who had killed American soldiers and others who was somehow approved for asylum in the United States.

      Did he hurt anyone here? NO. Because he was alone. And anyone coming in a sea of refugees is going to be alone – or even detected by others.

      The FBI became aware of him. It doesn’t say how. Maybe other Iraqis.

      The FBI had good reason to investigate because of the past, and also the future, but not the present. They let him stay free for a long, long time.

      They did a sting operation and managed to interest him in giving monetary support oor something, and learned more about what he had done and were able finally to detect his fingerprints on an unexploded IED.

      Finally he confessed and pleaded guilty.

        Insufficiently Sensitive in reply to Sammy Finkelman. | September 22, 2015 at 7:07 pm

        And there’s nothing to worry about. This is not how a terrorist group attempts to infiltrate people.

        No, the gross masses are not a terrorist group, but they’re likely already infiltrated by the ‘community organizers’ of well-funded terrorists groups.

        What you are seeing is more like the arrival of the Slavs in the Roman empire in the 6th century, the Bulgars in the Byzantine empire in the 9th, the Seljuk Turks into Asia Minor in the 10th, the Hungarians into modern Hungary in the 8th. They just assembled en masse and Arrived, and emplaced themselves against all comers.

        Of those community organizers, you’ll see more presently, when the masses come to rest in some form of camps or habitations, and begin to feel insufficiently hosted by the unwelcoming Europeans. Working on Lenin’s old theme of ‘The worse, the better’, they’ll organize for ‘self-defense’ with all the righteous slogans our civil rights movements have prepared for them, and first carve out little duchies that will make the banlieues of Paris look like vacation resorts.

        Migrants of the world, unite! Them Europeans actually believe this peace and nonviolence stuff!

I have a solution:

Impress these mostly male migrants into military service to go fight a war in their own country to solve the crisis that is causing them to migrate.

Sammy Finkelman | September 22, 2015 at 3:43 pm

There would be some that would volunteer. Of course the Obama Administration has totally botched that.

Sammy Finkelman | September 22, 2015 at 3:47 pm

Of course you may have to worry that people coming from Syria may have been contaminatd by bad propaganda, but this is a consideration only when it comes to political influence, and these people are rejecting it all.

And they are not that many – 35 million would be less than 10% of the population of Europe and that’s people from all countries. If it’s only 35 million, what’s the HUngarian forign minister complainibg about.

And taht would change the poolitical situation in their hme countries. What do you think ended Communism in Eastern Europe in 1989? Tearing down the Iron Curtain that separated Hungary from Austria.

Sammy Finkelman | September 22, 2015 at 4:43 pm

Worried about lone wolves?

This does not apply here.

In the first place, a terrorist organization will attempt to stimulate lone wolf attacks only as a last resort. It’s the weakest kind of attack and most subject to failure. In the second place, they will not use any person who knows anythinbg at all about the organization. A terrorist leader would have to be committing suicide to send lone individuals(really 1-member cells)

Say he sends 50, and 5 defect and more get caught. They get interrogated. They tell about locations. The leader can expect either a drone attack or a SEAL raid that will attempt to get records and rescue prisoners.

What about ordinary Moslems from Islamic countries being a good recruiting target?

They are not. Almost all the terrorists have been “born again Moslems” – either people brought up in the non-Moslem country (NB: second generation) who didn’t know much about thgeir religions, or recent converts.

This can best be fought by going after the teachers, not the students.

They belong in Muslim countries, Sammy, not in Europe. They’re not refugees, anyway — they’re seeking welfare, not shelter. Most couldn’t find Syria on a map.

“They don’t need to live in anybody’s home. Just let the free market work.”

Too bad there isn’t a single nation that operates under free market

Why aren’t these people heading to the South towards Saudi Arabia and Qatar?