Hillary Clinton has a big problem. Although she’s still favored to win the Democratic nomination in 2016, her favorability ratings have sunk to levels unseen since 2008.

New York Times pollster Nate Cohn reported:

Signs of Hillary Clinton’s Troubles, in Charts

Hillary Rodham Clinton was inevitably going to lose some of her aura once she started campaigning. The high favorability ratings she earned as secretary of state simply weren’t sustainable.

But over the last two months, the steady and expected erosion of her ratings has surprisingly accelerated. Her ratings are now lower than they were in 2007 or 2008, or at any point in her political career.

Look at this devastating chart:

Was the gravity of the email scandal underestimated? All signs point to yes:

Mrs. Clinton’s decline now extends beyond what I, at least, would have expected. It is still not enough to call her advantage into question, but it suggests that many analysts might have underestimated the resonance of the controversy surrounding her private email account and server at the State Department. And it creates a real quandary for Mr. Biden.

For the first time in Mrs. Clinton’s two decades in national politics, more Americans see her unfavorably than favorably. Her net-favorability rating — now a dismal minus-10 or perhaps worse — is at least 15 points worse than it was at this time in 2008.

She hasn’t lost ground only among Republicans or Republican-leaning independents, but also among Democratic voters.

This chart compares Democratic primary surveys from 2008 and 2016:

(Screen capture from the New York Times.)

Chart Hillary Clinton 08 vs 16

At the same time, Biden is signaling that he won’t run and Sanders is surging with the party base.

Cohn concludes:

Mrs. Clinton’s poll numbers — both in the Democratic primary or among all Americans — can’t afford to fall too much further before party leaders would justifiably begin to reassess her candidacy.

If all of this isn’t enough, there’s more bad news.

Gabby Morrongiello of the Washington Examiner reports that Clinton is losing support from the left’s sweetest plum:

Hillary’s support plummets among college students

Hillary Clinton’s popularity among the coveted college demographic is slipping away quickly, according to a poll released Tuesday afternoon by the California-based online textbook company Chegg.

In the nationwide survey of college students enrolled at two or four-year universities, just 18 percent selected the former secretary of state as the Democratic candidate who holds their support. When the survey was first commissioned in mid-June, Clinton led Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Vice President Joe Biden by nearly 20 points each, with 40 percent support.

While Clinton, the long-presumed Democratic nominee, has fallen 22 points in less than three months, the percentage of college students backing Sanders as their Democratic candidate of choice has climbed nearly 34 percent, putting the self-described socialist at 59 percent support among the undergraduate respondents.

As the progressive kids say these days… That’s problematic.


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