A Clinton campaign town hall event in Concord, New Hampshire held Thursday night was virtually empty.

Fox News’ Ed Henry attended the event and tweeted photos that showed what appeared to be more people on the stage than in attendance.

If you’re chomping at the bit to find out what Hillary thinks about Keystone, you’re going to have wait longer. She’ll get to it… eventually:

Polling data released Thursday showed Hillary lagging behind Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire by four points. From the Washington Times:

Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont is leading former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in another poll on the early-voting state of New Hampshire in the race for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.

Mr. Sanders was the choice of 35 percent of likely Democratic primary voters in the state, followed by Mrs. Clinton at 31 percent and Vice President Joseph R. Biden at 14 percent in the WBUR poll released this week. Mr. Biden has not yet announced his 2016 intentions.

Mr. Sanders led Mrs. Clinton by 15 points, 35 percent to 20 percent, among registered independent voters, while Mrs. Clinton had a 40 percent to 34 percent advantage among Democrats.

More voters said they have a favorable opinion of both Mr. Biden and Mr. Sanders than Mrs. Clinton. Sixty-six percent had a favorable view of Mr. Biden, compared to 19 percent with an unfavorable one, and Mr. Sanders had a 64 percent/15 percent favorable/unfavorable split.

Making matter worse, Politico reported Thursday evening that a cabal of Hillary donors is spooked by her fledgling poll numbers and overall poor primary performance. According to Politico, Clinton loyalists are most concerned by the fact that the FBI’s involvement into Hillary’s email mishandling means the investigation is out of the Clinton regime’s control:

Concerned about her “email fiasco” or the threat of “new Benghazis,” some of Hillary Clinton’s top Southeastern fundraisers fretted at times in a Wednesday conference call with her campaign, which insisted it had recently “defanged a lot of the criticism” of the Democratic presidential frontrunner.

The call, led by Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon and listened to by a POLITICO reporter, provided what sounded like a frank look at the campaign’s strengths and weaknesses — from Clinton’s slipping early state poll numbers to her sometimes-plodding crisis response.

In addition to bracing for more fallout over Clinton’s emails, the campaign will establish a “war room” to respond to next month’s congressional Benghazi hearings, Fallon said. He said a team will also be ready to push back against the pending release of a book by on-again-off-again Donald Trump consultant Roger Stone entitledThe Clintons’ War on Women.

But the emails Clinton mishandled as secretary of state are a more complicated and “unique animal,” Fallon said, because their monthly release by the Department of State is out of the campaign’s hands — as are “the reviews that the FBI’s doing.”

…Fort Lauderdale lawyer Mitchell Berger, who’s hosting an Oct. 2 fundraiser for Clinton at his home, said there’s “a fine line between apology and looking weak.”

Stressing that he was “not trying to be critical,” Berger said he appreciated the briefing, but he wondered aloud: “Is there a lesson learned? Because there will be five or six more of these between now and then. … There’s no question in my mind that between now and next November there will be new Benghazis and new emails.”

He said he hoped the lessons learned “are calculated into the next email fiasco.”

Fallon said he agreed with Berger’s observations.

For someone who has been running for president since 2007, you’d think Hillary would be better at it by now.

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