Hillary held a press conference on August 18, 2015, which was most memorable for her phrase “What, with a cloth or something?”, referring to the server being wiped clean.

But Hillary also told the media that she was the one who made the decision as to which emails were personal or or work-reladed. She was emphatic that she, as the official, made the decision:

We went through a painstaking process, so we turned over 55,000 pages of anything we thought could be work related. Under the law that decision was made by the official, I was the official. I made those decisions, and as I just said, over 1,200 of the emails have already been deemed not work related ….

Today, Hillary was interviewed by Andrea Mitchell. You can see the full 29 minute interview here, or the 12 minute excerpt as to the server at our earlier post today.

In the Mitchell interview, Hillary contradicted her prior claim that she made the decision what was personal, and said that her lawyers conducted that process for her and decided what to turn over to the State Department:

HILLARY: “And they [State Dept.] asked that we, all of us, go through our emails, to determine what was work-related and to provide that for them. The letter came to my lawyers, I asked my lawyers to please do that, and it took weeks, but they went through every …”

ANDREA MITCHELL: “So the lawyers went through it?”

HILLARY: Yes. Every single email. And they were overly inclusive, if they thought anything was connected, in fact so inclusive the State Department has already told us they’re going to return 1200 emails to us because they were totally personal….”

This is important because the 30,000 “personal” emails are gone, wiped clean, yet Hillary can’t even get straight who made the decision.


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