Back in 2012, Mitt Romney got raked over the coals for saying during a presidential debate that he had “binders full of women” from which he picked some of his top advisors. It was a memeworthy moment for the Romney campaign, and gave birth to a truckload of “binder” memes. Feminists immediately protested—why wasn’t Romney able to immediately name smart, qualified women to his staff? Why did he need to curate names in order to diversify his male-only senior staff at Bain?

It’s a meme that should have died with the 2012 cycle, but alas—I must resurrect it in the name of making fun of Hillary Clinton.

Clinton has made a name for herself as someone who has climbed the ladder, crashed through the glass ceiling, and created for herself a very comfortable perch. She has played the gender card more times than seems reasonable (or possible,) and frequently stumps on women’s issues as a way of distinguishing herself from her opponents.

So why is she having trouble answering a fluff question about women?

All 5,472 Republican presidential candidates were asked in this month’s CNN debate which woman they would choose to put on the ten dollar bill. Their answers ranged from prominent historical figures to their own wives, but each candidate managed to burp up a response to a question with no right answer.

Clinton? Not so much.

Watch, courtesy of TMZ:

Clinton was doing the candidate thing — signing autographs Sunday in Georgetown when our man Colin asked if Maya Angelou should be in the running. Her response: “I was sort of amazed that the Republicans couldn’t think of one American woman.”

Not entirely accurate — there were a couple nods for Rosa Parks and Susan B. Anthony, but yeah … they also said Margaret Thatcher and Mother Teresa.

But then Clinton added, “I could give them a really long list if they’re interested.”
Alright, door’s wide open, sooo … watch what happens when Colin asks for that list.

What happened was that Clinton hedged her way out of answering the question, which is a bigger deal than it may seem.

As I said above, Clinton has made a name for herself by standing on the shoulders of real feminists—women who fought for the right to vote, to own property, and to participate in commerce and industry. It’s her schtick, and it’s what her supporters depend on in the face of opposition.

I’m curious to know if there is a woman that Clinton holds in such high regard that she would honor her with a place on the ten dollar bill. I think that it would tell us a lot about how Clinton views herself within the context of modern feminism.

Then again, maybe we learned all we needed to know when she revealed that she couldn’t name a single woman she admired enough to hold the privilege.

Open up your wallet full of women, Hillary—we’d like a peek inside.