On Thursday night, September 3, 2015, I was a guest on the Todd Herman Show on KTTH 770 AM in Seattle.

Todd is a frequent reader of Legal Insurrection, and I appreciated his many compliments.

We talked Scott Walker, the John Doe investigations, and Walker’s struggling presidential campaign.

“In this case, their entire theory of probable cause was legally invalid, and it was so held by the Wisconsin Supreme Court…. They were trying to find a crime….

[T]he chief of the KGB under Stalin had a very famous quote: Find me the man, and I will find you the crime. And that’s what this was. They wanted to get Scott Walker, and they spent four years looking for a crime, and that’s not what’s supposed to happen in this country….

This was meant to get Scott Walker. They couldn’t have cared less what some conservative activist was doing unless they could pin it on Walker.”

* * *

“I’m a fan of his, because he just quietly went about his business and completely eviscerated the public sector union movement.

Public sector unions are not like private unions, where you have a legitimate bargaining between a company and a private sector union. When it’s a public sector [union] it’s completely corrupted, they donate money to politicians, there’s never a real negotiation, and they essentially become a shadow government… And he broke that cycle, and he broke the back of the key fundraising mechanism for the Democratic Party in Wisconsin….

He could have very easily, when tens of thousands of people were taking over the state capitol, he could have very easily said, well let’s find a way out to compromise here, let’s find a way out of this, let’s reach across the aisle, and he said No…. and he pushed it right through.

I’m a big fan of his type of conservative, somebody who doesn’t have to be flashy about it, but there’s nobody among the 17 people who has accomplished, who has given the body blow to the left-wing movement in the U.S. like he has.”

* * *

“He just, as many of the others, has not dealt very well with the Trump phenomenon, with Trump essentially taking all the oxygen out of the room, and I think he stumbled. He has not done a good job at that. Maybe he can’t translate it into a national platform and campaign, that’s something he and his people are going to have to figure out….”


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