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Branco Cartoon – All Options Are On The Table


Exactly! The question is a red herring to divert us from the democrat party actions which are to arm Iran.

Branco, how do you do it?! PERFECT!!

BOOM! You win, Branco!

All that’s missing is a framed photo of Valerie Jarrett on the wall.

This is an excellent comic which did not make me smile.

“and the winner for The Best Use of a Hillary quote goes to … the envelop please … A. F. Branco!”

Sammy Finkelman | September 24, 2015 at 4:47 pm

If Obama were to be considered to have ever been a Moslem, he’d be considered by them to be an apostate, and they’d give it as a grounds to kill him.

In Iran, though, and elsewhere, I think a person has to have been a recognized Moslem after the age of 14 to be considered an apostate, and that’s clearly not the case for Obama.

So that han’t happened, and not just because some might not want him to be a big enemy to them.

Yes, his father (or his step-father) should have been obligated to bring him up as Moslem, but he didn’t, except for a short period of religious instruction in Indonesia (about half a year I think Obama has said or written) when he was about 9 or 7 or 8, when he was in a school where you you had to take religious instruction, and the choices were Christian and Moslem and Obama’s parents chose Moslem.

Of course the Sunnis technically consider all Shiites non-Moslems, but this doesn’t actually prevent Iran from working together with Sunni Islamic terrorists, at least in secret.

Sammy Finkelman | September 24, 2015 at 5:01 pm

The Ayatollah, by the, declared Alawites to be Shiites, which would probably have been surprising news to hear before 2011, although they are a spinoff from Shiism.

But they have a number of beliefs which are incompatible with Islam, and their official beliefs are probably secret for that reason.

They seem to believe in a version (or versions) of the trinity, whose members change with time, and in the last version they had, the divine triad consited of the pivotal Shitte figure Ali, Muhammad, and Salman the Persian. Ali is more important to them Muhammad.

Who was Salman the Persian? Apparently, the first Persian convert to Islam and an associate of Muhammed.