Bill Clinton has something of a historical role reversal.

Whereas in the 1990s it was Hillary complaining of the vast right wing conspiracy against Bill, now it’s Bill complaining of the vast right wing conspiracy against Hillary.

The New York Times reports, Bill Clinton Blames G.O.P. and Press for Wife’s Email Woes:

Former President Bill Clinton blamed Republicans who hope to undercut his wife’s presidential chances and a voracious political news media uninterested in substance for the furor surrounding Hillary Rodham Clinton’s use of a private email account and server while she was secretary of state.

“I have never seen so much expended on so little,” Mr. Clinton said in a taped interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that will be shown on Sunday. The network released excerpts on Saturday afternoon.

“She said she was sorry that her personal email caused all this confusion. And she’d like to give the election back to the American people,” Mr. Clinton said. “I think it will be all right. But it’s obvious what happened.”

Mr. Clinton likened the current inquiries into Mrs. Clinton’s emails to scandals as far back as the Whitewater land deal that plagued his 1992 campaign and the early years of his administration.

“This is just something that has been a regular feature of all of our presidential campaigns, except in 2008 for unique reasons,” Mr. Clinton said, without elaborating on why he believed President Obama did not face similar Republican-led efforts to derail his candidacy.

“It always happens,” he added. “We’re seeing history repeat itself.”

Sounds familiar.


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