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Arby’s: Cops Welcome (regardless of what our idiot store manager said)

Arby’s: Cops Welcome (regardless of what our idiot store manager said)

Manager fired, crew member on paid leave

On Tuesday, a police officer was denied service at a Florida Arby’s.  Peter Burke reports:

According to an offense report filled out by the officer, identified as Sgt. Jennifer Martin, the officer ordered her food in the drive-through of the restaurant and drove to the window to pay.

Martin claims that the clerk, Kenneth Davenport, took her credit card. She said the restaurant’s manager, Angel Mirabal, then approached the window and said, “He doesn’t want to serve you because you are a police officer.”

The officer said she told Mirabal that she was uncomfortable and “wasn’t certain I wanted to dine at the restaurant.”

According to the report, Mirabal assured Martin that everything was OK, handed her the food and laughed while telling her that Davenport was allowed to refuse her service.

Martin said that she went inside the restaurant, and Mirabal provided her with a refund and his contact information. She said Davenport refused to give her his contact information.

Following this incident at Arby’s, the outrage was such that police wives protested outside the Arby’s where the incident occurred, and the head of the Broward County Police Benevolent Association, Jeff Marano, called for a nationwide boycott of Arby’s.  Arby’s responded by issuing an apology and promising to investigate the matter to determine if disciplinary action was warranted.

Kenny Davenport, the crew member who allegedly refused service to the officer, “told CBS Miami he sees little point in explaining himself“:  “There’s no point in talking,” he said. “I’m 19. She’s an officer and I’m colored.”


The Pembroke Pines Police Department issued the following statement:

Pembroke Police statement

The Pembroke Pines Police Department considered the matter closed after speaking with and receiving an apology from the CEO of Arby’s:

Arby’s issued an apology in regards to the incident.

“We take this isolated matter very seriously as we respect and support police officers in our local communities. As soon as the issue was brought to our attention, our CEO spoke with the Police Chief who expressed his gratitude for our quick action and indicated the case is closed. We will be following up with our team members to be sure that our policy of inclusion is understood and adhered to. Further, we will be following through with disciplinary action up to and including termination of the employees involved, as appropriate.”

Arby’s investigation into the incident resulted in the manager being fired and the crew member being placed on temporary paid leave.  CBS reports:

CBS Miami reports that Davenport met with company executives Friday morning where he was put on leave with two days pay.

“This was a complex and difficult decision, but as a company that highly values trust and fairness, we ultimately found that the crew member was not involved other than to attempt to remedy the situation,” said the company’s CEO Paul Brown in a statement. “We have reviewed our process and decision with the Pembroke Pines Police Department who made it clear they consider the case closed.”

The manager, on the other hand, was fired.

“As a result of our thorough investigation, we have terminated the manager and placed the crew member on temporary paid leave,” the statement read.


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Fire him immediately. Put the manager on unpaid suspension while she(?) completes some sort of painfully boring sensitivity course for not firing the employee on the spot.

    amwick in reply to LukeinNE. | September 5, 2015 at 6:49 pm

    As a result of our thorough investigation, we have terminated the manager and placed the crew member on temporary paid leave… Ok, they fired the manager and gave Kenneth Davenport a paid vacation. Yup, that makes sense.

      rokiloki in reply to amwick. | September 5, 2015 at 7:37 pm

      I didn’t even know fast food restaurants even offered paid leave. I assumed it was one of those jobs they would just fire you and hire the next applicant.

      BrokeGopher in reply to amwick. | September 5, 2015 at 11:08 pm

      If the story is true that he was just too busy and the manager was the one who made the joke about not serving cops, then yes, it makes perfect sense. He shouldn’t be fired if he never said he wouldn’t serve a cop.

        Then there’s no reason for the ‘She’s an officer and I’m colored’ line? Logically anyway.

          JackRussellTerrierist in reply to JBourque. | September 6, 2015 at 2:50 pm

          You’re right. Logically and rationally Davenport’s remark makes no sense. It’s even borderline in-context. But when view as the ordinary, every day BLM opportunism BS that it is, it makes perfect sense.

    Estragon in reply to LukeinNE. | September 5, 2015 at 11:57 pm

    I stopped eating at Arby’s when they pulled funding on a charity some time ago, so my boycott means nothing. But I won’t hesitate to remind anyone mentioning the place of their basic anti-American slant.

    Not that I have specific knowledge of Arby’s, but there are unionized fast food places which could easily explain this, i.e. they fired immediately the person they could, and suspended the person they could not. Could easily be that.

    Mannie in reply to LukeinNE. | September 6, 2015 at 9:28 am

    They should both have been instantly fired.

“I’m colored.” Racist.

    rokiloki in reply to windbag. | September 5, 2015 at 7:35 pm

    The Pembroke Pines Police Department may consider the matter closed, but any police officer who still eats there is a fool if that racist punk is working there. Next time, he won’t “joke” about not serving police. He’ll quietly serve them a nice phlegm burger.

    I wouldn’t even eat there wearing a pro-police shirt. Might get the same treatment.

    “There’s no point in talking,” he said. “I’m 19. She’s an officer and I’m colored.”

    This is the same logical that got Trayvon Martin killed of “Terminal Stupidity.”

Arby’s: “This was a complex and difficult decision…”

It was neither.

Guess who the manager and crew member would have called if heaven forbid an armed robber had entered their Penbrook Pines restaurant.

President Barack “Mr. selfie” Obama: “If I’ve had a son…”
We just found him…

Christopher Roupe, R.I.P.

This reminds of something that happened to me at a Wal-Mart once. My family went shopping and I came along to spend time with them, browse, and carry the bags/load/unload for them.

When I finished browsing I went up front to read a book I brought from home while I waited to be needed and I saw a family having trouble getting into the store. Now this was a man, a woman, and six children. The parents had their hands full with two kids each and were creating a bottleneck since they couldn’t move forward and nobody could get past them. So I opened the door. They finally walked in, the father shook my hand, and I went back to my bench.

The mother followed me and when I sat down proceeded to subject me to a 10-minute harangue. Since I am hearing-impaired and she was quite shrill I only got “patriarchy” and “barefoot and pregnant” out of it but I sat there politely and let her yell. When she was done and left, I just went back to reading. Her husband showed up later to apologize for what he called his wife’s “barbarous behavior” and thanked me again.

To this day hearing the word “patriarchy” makes me think of that incident.

    Wolverine_Con in reply to Wolverine_Con. | September 5, 2015 at 10:00 pm

    I don’t know how this comment ended up here. I meant to post it on the topic about the car with the “Patriarchy” bumper sticker.

    Well, this is a fine first impression I have made. Sorry guys.

      The first impression you left is refreshing. I refer of course to the fact that you both ‘fessed up to a f’up AND you expressed chagrin for it.

      That is not only rare around here but it may well be the first time it’s ever happened since quite a few Perfect People comment here.


To sweeten the tea, so to speak, Deputy Goforth was laid to rest yesterday in Houston.

An estimated 11,000 people attended his memorial, with all races well represented.

One speaker…a brother LEO…noted that his little boy was wearing his superhero tee shirt under his suit. Deputy Goforth was wearing his own matching shirt, beneath his uniform.

Suppose the tables were turned: If a white clerk had “joked” around and said he couldn’t serve a black patron because he was “colored” how far do you think the “it was only a joke” excuse would have gotten the clerk?

You and I both know he would have been canned on the spot, and it would have been further “evidence” that white people have racism in their DNA or something ~

I haven’t eaten at Arby’s since they dumped Rush over calling Sandra Fluke a slut. Rush was right.

So they gave the instigator paid leave? No more Arby’s for me.

I really thought they would do the right thing, but apparently not.

    jayjerome66 in reply to rokiloki. | September 5, 2015 at 7:44 pm

    Two days paid leave.
    Doesn’t say if he’s going to be terminated or not.

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to rokiloki. | September 6, 2015 at 4:05 am

    Blech! Why would anybody in their right mind eat there to begin with? Do you know how much sodium is in that hyper-processed mystery material they call ‘meat’?

    They did this officer a favor since she’s not likely to ever go back there.

    GAG ME!

Sounds like the Chipolte incident from earlier this year.

The commenters who think the wrong person got fired: According to the story, it was the Hispanic manager who made the joke (ha, ha) about the teenager not wanting to serve her. According to the kid, he was too busy at the time to help her, and the manager went over to talk to the officer and made this comment. Nevertheless, assuming the teenager is telling the truth, it speaks volumes that he refuses to understand why she would take offense. A remorseful, appeasing attitude would serve him better than the arrogant victimhood mantle.

A lot of rush to judgement here based on hearsay evidence and not all the facts. Did he really say he didn’t want to serve the cop, or did the manager just make that comment as a joke? You don’t know unless you were there.

Does any body have the number for the PCPolice?
What are the rules anymore?
I thought it was to treat everyone fairly….regardless of
Skin color, unicorn of authority or ethnicity.?



astute follow-up …of a Freudian slip

I was a functional of a corporate division in Chicago. I had a talented, extremely liberal manager who I had to repeatedly reprimand her inclusion of politics (anti-police and military) and into her group discussions (there are still non-Obama as in Chicago)

Two examples of hypocrisy:
1) this manager called from her Mexican vacation when a hurricane hit….she was waiting for the US military to rescue them from the flooding scene….I advised her to remember in which what country she was vacationing…..US military would north invade Mexico to rescue vacationers.

2) this manager called me to advise me that she wanted a police escort to guard the taxi stand line to guard her when militant/non-peaceful anti-war activists were protesting on Michigan Avenus (1block from our bldg).
I walked her and her group down with a baseball bat in my hand. As long as I protected her, I was aces…..

Long story, short … This manager is now a legal, gun-owner in Chicago. She recently tweeted me that she has now change her philosophy of protection, police force, and U.S. Military.

    Cary in NC in reply to Cary in NC. | September 10, 2015 at 1:16 am

    Please excuse my unedited, ramblings that were sent by mistake. Thought I had put down my iPad and intended to write a succinct, bottom-line comment.

    I will be a more valued commentor in future thoughts….sorry

The government intrudes upon our personal lives in so many ways (some of them called unconstitutional by federal judges, but that doesn’t stop them), yet when a citizen videos a cop on the street, that citizen is very often subject to arrest (usually on bogus charges of “obstructing” or “interfering”). Too many police agencies are also officially against the private ownership of firearms and their officers regularly harass and arrest people exercising their right to arms. And most Arby’s (and many other establishments, except where prohibited by law) have a “no firearms” policy.

As a citizen, my government regularly tramples upon my rights to privacy and arms. The government also encourages (or at least does not prevent), and sometimes enables, private businesses to discriminate against me for being armed (as is my right). So please excuse me if I’m not sympathetic with the police (agents of our big-nosed government) when they suddenly find that the shoe is on the other foot and they’re discriminated against for whatever asinine reason. I find it grossly hypocritical when the police act with outrage when they’re discriminated against while they impose, enforce, and encourage similar discrimination against citizens every day.

For the record, I approve of neither the discrimination nor the employee’s reason for discriminating. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy of outrage coming from a sector of government employees who regularly behave outrageously themselves, and who, in the course of their daily work, regularly enforce laws that infringe upon my exercise of valuable constitutionally-guaranteed rights.

The officers eating there gave Arby’s some additional police surveillance too. I’m sure other restaurants will be getting that attention now.